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have a car.

I have a car.


My car is a 2004. My car is a Dodge Neon, with a decent reliability rating, and my interest was only 8.something%. My car is getting Lo Jack. My car has a plan for maintenance covered for 3 years or 36000 miles, including tire rotation and oil changes. My car is white, but in view of those other things it is, I can forgive it that <3 My car has the most comfortable seats known to man; its cushions hug my butt in a way that makes me very happy. ...Not that kind of happy. Pervs.

Oh my stars and garters, I have a CAR!!!!! AAAAAH!!!!

When I get home at 8pm tomorrow, I'm gonna spend some time pimping my ride with all the crap I've bought for that one glorious day in the future when I actually got a car. Like a Zim air freshener, and Irken logo decal, and Gorillaz decal, and Stitch decals, and setting the radio stations, and all the stuff it's so fucking wonderful to be able to do OMG I HAVE A CAR!!!!

I drove it home from the lot, and didn't kill anybody or get in a wreck! Though I was doing, like, 30 mph half the way. Heh. I have to get better at driving, fast. :D
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