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Wow. Just wow. O_o

Bad news: My brother's in the hospital. He's been having these massive attacks from gall stones, and the doctors at the free christian clinic kept telling him he can go a year or more without getting treated for it, all the while his attacks are happening more and more often. Bridgie just found in, like, two minutes of searching the internet that gallstone surgery is almost always preferable to medications, and that if the gallstones are causing symptoms it's time to operate because they're not supposed to cause symptoms, let alone VIOLENT ATTACKS. So yeah, he had another one at 3am last night, went to a Medical Center near my grandmother's house (he lives with her) and the doctor apparently took one look at him and said 'Okay, time to take that gall bladder out." -_-;;; Thank GOD. Tim said the doctor told him normal liver levels are supposed to be around 1-1.5...his were at 14 O_O. He also has jaundice, so apparently would be able to play a zombie in a zombie flick without need of contacts, because his eyes are all yellow :P. But they're finally doing the surgery, thank God. I'm so happy for that, and it seems like something that he should pull through just fine, though I know there's risks with even the most routine of surgeries. So I won't be breathing totally easily until he's home safe and sound. But I'm so glad he's getting treatment for it. I talked to him tonight and he sounded fine, I told him he should take pictures of the IV in his hand and his creepy yellow eyes, and that now he may have an awesome scar to show off XD. I'd appreciate it if everyone would just spare a quick thought or prayer or whatever suits you for him!

Good news: My Steven E. Gordon sketchbook arrived today. Mr. Gordon, who some of you might know from his awesome character designs for X-Men: Evolution is selling his sketchbooks on his site for 20.00, and currently he's offering a free sketch for each person that buys one. So of course I bought one, seems like just a few days ago, and requested a picture of Todd and Kurt hanging out, with a second choice of just Kurt because I wasn't sure if he was limiting it to one character only or anything.

He drew Todd and Kurt and OMG it's the bestest pic EVAH.

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X-posted to toddkurtslash, because I can, and because it's Todd and Kurt and who wouldn't want to see that?
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