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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
"I got da' music in my soul!" 
7th-May-2006 02:35 pm
Tee Hee...
I finally watched the last of the six movies I rented when Bridgie went to Palm Springs, oh, a month ago? XD Thank goodness for the MONTH LONG grace period on being able to bring a movie back without it being permanently sold to you. We watched Garden State Friday, which was quite good, and Fifth Element last night (I love that movie, it's like sugary sweet crack.) This weekend I also cut my nails on my left hand (OMG MY BEAUTIFUL NAILS ;_;) and started practicing on Manda's guitar she brought over for me! w00t!! It's so much fun, and I'm trying to get Bridgie to take me to a pawn shop or something to try and find a cheap acoustic to learn on. Yesterday I played (badly) Jingle Bells and Love Me Tender/Aura Lee. I'm using a book Manda has, and I'm going to try to relearn reading sheet music again (I took piano and learned it then but now I can't remember any of it :D.) I played around for an hour or so yesterday, and I'm rather surprised my arms don't hurt O_o. I hope I can learn okay; I've always wanted to learn guitar, since I was little, but I never did because I was vain and stupid about my nails XD. I didn't want to cut them, so I didn't play. I even had a guitar once that an uncle gave me, and damn I'd love to have it back now XP.

If anyone happens to know of any good sites to learn guitar or guitar tips, I'd appreciate the linkage! First person to guess what I'm quoting in the subject title gets a cyber cookie, flavor of their choice ^_^. May be tricky because I'm not even sure that's the exact quote, heh.

Yesterday we went to Best Buy. I bought the Demon Days w/ DVD box set, which doesn't have too much more than the CD alone but I'm obsessed so I don't care. I also bought the first season of THE SENTINEL!!! AAHAHAHAHAHA!! I never dreamed this would actually get on DVD, but I'm so happy it did! I watched this show throughout its entire run of, what, 3 or 4 seasons? I can't remember. But now I have to make Bridgie watch it, and relive my love all over again (This time with a slashy bent; I wasn't a slash fan when I used to watch it, so I never really saw it, despite the fact it was the slashiest fucking thing to hit television since Highlander. I did read a few slash fics though, and they confused me XD.) I read through the episode list as soon as we got in the car (well, after I opened the Gorillaz set and marveled at the nice booklets) and OMG my three absolute favorite episodes are on there!! Cypher, the one with the crazy serial killer; Vow of Silence, the one with the monastery; and Siege, the one with the terrorists that take over the police station. Those were always my favorites, the ones I remember still, and come to think of it, they all had some seriously slashy moments I think XD. This'll be fuuuuun.

Still have to watch Firefly, Inu-yasha Season 1, The Apprentice Season 1, Home Movies Season 3, Aqua Teens Season 2, Scrubs Season 1, X-Men: Evolution Season 3 (when it arrives) and...uh...many movies I bought and never got to watch.

Gotta write some drabbles tonight XD
7th-May-2006 10:25 pm (UTC)
Your subject is a Zim quote. XD
7th-May-2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
HA! I knew you'd get it :D. What kind of cyber-cookie do you want?
7th-May-2006 11:10 pm (UTC)
I'm just that awesome.

7th-May-2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
:D Yes, yes you are. Oatmeal raisin, good choice! [hands you an oatmeal raisin cookie made with LOVE and maybe a little crack]
8th-May-2006 08:07 am (UTC)
For guitar stuff I usually go to this site. Since all the tabs are unofficial they aren'y always right, but there's some good tutorials on there as well to download.
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