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To write or not to write...

I wanna write something for this CLM challenge, but nothing's coming. No pun intended. Heh.

O_o Where'd that come from XD?

I have a particular little fic in mind, but it's totally self-gratifying, I'm not sure if it's worth doing. I feel like I'd only be writing it for my specific tastes. But then, who else are you supposed to write for O_o. I'm just afraid there'll be no plot, just self-gratification, which would be sucky writing. Gaaaaaaaarg...

I got free posters from work today! Treasure Planet, Spirited Away (WHOO!), and a small HP CoS one for my little brother, whose room is way too bare. He really liked it, warmed my heart a bit to give it to him ^_^. I also got buttons with each HP character on them! Ron, Hermione, Dobby, and, of course, Harry! The Harry one decorates my new work shirt ^_^ (we got ones that're blue without the hideous yellow collars/sleeve cuffs, WHOO!!!)

Neck aching...

Waiting for Ringu and Bog Creatures to be free...just a few more days...
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