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Drabble: My Missed Chance, JD/Turk

For idgiebay and bether_was_here. I'll do your Trowa/Quatre one too, babe, you both just happened to request the same Scrubs pairing :D. Hope you guys like it! And it's an actual drabble this time, 100 words!

Disclaimer: Scrubs and all its characters belong to very talented people that aren't me. I don't know whether this would amuse them, disturb them, or make them sad on account of its sucking, but oh well.

Second disclaimer: I haven't actually SEEN the episodes dealing with Turk's marriage to Carla, just the seasons after and some before. So if I made some grave error in chronology or anything, I apologize in advance :D.

That one time in college became known as 'the incident'. They never talked about it. Maybe that was their big mistake. There was a lot of whispering at first, laughter, that developed into confused fumbling and awkwardness; things that turned heated and needy, and finished so sweetly. When it was over they picked up the controllers from the floor, and went back to their game.

When Turk got married, it was the single greatest moment in his life. And if a piece of JD shut down while he watched his Chocolate Bear walk down the aisle, no one ever knew.
Tags: drabble, jd/turk, scrubs

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