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Drabble: Toy (Keef/Zim OMG MY EYES, THEY BURN!)

Alo, I hate you and I'm sure you make Jhonen want to cry even more than I do XD. YOU SUCK!!! [hug] 241 hideous words, all for you!

Disclaimer: They belong to teh Jhonen, and the evil flying monkeys at Nickelodeon. They'd probably fry me if they knew I was writing this :D.

Zim had learned that humans would do just about anything for pleasure. And over the years he'd inadvertently discovered there were many ways he could give pleasure, and many ways he could use it.

Keef was one of his favorite ways. Keef was his experiment. Not his first; that had been the Dib-human, who'd never quite fallen for it, despite the weakness Zim saw in his eyes whenever it was offered. Keef, though... the boy's delusional obsession with Zim had never truly faltered, though age had managed to tame some of his disturbing enthusiasm. He was still as enamored with the alien as he always had been, and Zim had used this knowledge ruthlessly, giving a kind word here, a stern slap there, all the while reveling in the way the boy asked for more.

Zim had always been in love with power.

He laid a clawed hand encouragingly on the boy's shoulder. Keef blinked up at him and smiled, and his skin looked dead in the harsh purple light of the lab.

"You know what to do?"

"Of course."

Zim patted his head, then fingered the complicated machinery strapped to the boy's naked chest. The simple movement drew Keef's eyes hypnotically. "The bus leaves at 10. Be sure you're deep in the building before you do it."

Keef looked back up at him, a rapturous light on his face, and Zim shuddered.

"I love you, Zim."

"I know you do."

I feel so dirty.
Tags: drabble, fanfic, invader zim
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