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Silent Hill (Tiny bits of spoilers, potentially)

Finally got to see it last night! I think, by the time PyramidHead showed up I'd had, like, 6 joygasms already. A ton of the music was taken right out of the game, and used well. The atmosphere was perfect, the sounds, the monsters were nicely done... but there wasn't ENOUGH of any of it. ;_; Sometime after PyramidHead showed up, it turned into a 'hunt for the truth' which involved very little of what was actually SCARY about Silent Hill. There were surprisingly only a few 'dark' scenes and though I always thought one of the greatest things about Silent Hill was that it was almost as frightening in the light as it was in the dark, the 'light' scenes in the movie just weren't very scary. Like, at all. Sadly, the movie itself wasn't very scary, though a few of the dark scenes were wonderfully intense (mostly the ones involving the big man, he was SO FUCKING COOL. The part with his giant knife was killer.) The atmosphere was perfect, the environments were dead-on, the music was good (except the stuff taken right out of the games, OMG getting to hear that in glorious surround sound was one of those joygasms I was talking about) but after about halfway through it starts focusing on the plot which just wasn't all that interesting, in my opinion. I can't remember much about the story of the first game, but I'm pretty sure a lot of it was changed because it seemed to contradict the entire happenings of the third game and I KNOW Samael was supposed to be in there SOMEWHERE.

Anyway, not a total disappointment, but I'd gotten my hopes up so high that it hurt having it not be up to the standards I was hoping for. ;_; I tried not to do that, because I knew that was going to happen, but oh well. I'll just be happy with the good parts and try to forget the disappointing ending, lack of monsters (If you count PH there were, like, five types of monsters, each type with only one short scene. I wanted more monsters ;_;), the near-absence of hell scenes, and the fact that it wasn't really scary.

At least we got an assload of SLASH potential. Cybil/Rose OTFUCKINGP!!!
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