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Thanks to an interesting entry on Livejournal in Wikipedia, Bridgie and I found Jhonen's Livejournal. JHONEN'S LIVEJOURNAL. sunny_skye He doesn't update often, but his last post was back on March 5th, so at least he probably hasn't abandoned it. His last entry has a picture of a prototype mug based on JTHM, and it's FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. Dear sweet Tallest, I still love that man's brain.

He also had friended Rikki's journal! On which I found a link to Rikki's color portfolio for IZ: over a hundred exquisite pieces of Zim art and backgrounds. I would love to get prints of some of the best backgrounds and decorate a room with them, they're stunning O_O. rikkisimons His entries are as interesting as the ones I used to read on Sad Circus by the Sea. ^_^ <3 teh Rikki.

Edit: These entries ARE syndicated from Sad Circus by the Sea, it appears XD. Duh. He hasn't lost any of his talents though. I should really get around to buying Shutterbox at some point...
Tags: invader zim, jhonen, rikki

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