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Saying God is love means she's against the protestors against war in Iraq...riiiiiihgt.....

WHOOOOOO!!! Bridgie!!! And Jamie? O_O And Amanda!! WOW! XD I feel so loved all of a sudden. Sad they had to leave...

Someone's using a quote from When the World Ends in their mail sig. I'm debating whether to politely ask them to credit me O_o.

I just posted the longest review I think I've ever given a slash-bashing fic XD. Can't wait to see what the 'author' has to say about it....Bloody ream that thing is bad O_o.

[reads newest CLM posts] Hee....Bridgie DID promise she'd write for this challenge...and boy is it ever a doosey...gonna have to make her keep her word ^_^ [eeeeeeevil]
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