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OMG GORILLAZ AUTOBIOGRAPHY!!!! Full color and hardback, 'stunningly illustrated', coming in October! I was just wishing that they'd release an art book or something, and lo and behold, we get a book with art AND story! HUZZAH!!!

In other news, am feeling very accomplished. My job's fantastic (so far) and I'm kinda freaked out that I haven't gotten any really pissed off callers yet O_o. I'm just waiting for the ax to fall. Our training class has also bonded quite a bit; some of the employees who've been there a while have even said they're jealous of how close our group is, heh. I've made some friends, especially a great guy named Jarrett, who's humor is right up my alley and who's also quite smart. He's done a lot of interesting jobs, including bartender and firefighter and bail bondsman XD. My other favorite of the team is Adriane, she's really sweet and friendly and hangs out with me at lunch and such. We even walk (or say we're going to) around the large parking lot during lunch break, fun! I went out with some of the guys yesterday after work, to a bar called 330 in downtown Brea. Was fun, we talked a lot, and they bought me drinks, a white russian and a pina colada. Yum! The guy checking ID at the entrance started talking to me about Invader Zim (I was wearing my Zim hoodie.) I love it when random people recognize the stuff I'm wearing, Zim or Harry Potter or whatnot. Especially Zim. ^_^ I need a Gorillaz shirt so I can find random Gorillaz fans too. Back to the bar, we stayed far longer than I really wanted to (about 4 hours O_o) and I was getting a bit bored toward the end because I couldn't hear the conversations very well with the music being as loud as it was, but it was still fun. I just felt bad because Bridgie missed me ;_;

Speaking of Bridgie, she is gone. Le sad ;_;. She left me and went to Palm Springs with her family. I wanted to go too, and I was hurt at first when I found out they'd only gotten one hotel room, but now I'm glad I stayed home. I'm getting lots done! I paid my bills, (OMG my paycheck was $780 for two weeks and that was only for 71 hours!!!! I'm gonna be getting a full 80 hours O_O) I folded the massive pile of clothes left over from a couple days ago, I put away the dishes and did alllll the rest of them. I'm about to clean teh Nani's cage. AND I walked for almost two hours. I went down to Diamond Hills Driving School to try to get an appointment. I've been calling them for weeks and not getting anything other than voicemail. Turns out their office hours are Mon-Fri...12pm-2pm. WTF? So I didn't get to make an appointment yet, poot. But I did go to Blockbuster, visit for a bit, bought Mirrormask and Corpse Bride (2 for $20 PVDs :D) and went to Big Lots to see if they had any office supplies I could use for my cubicle. Only got some tape, some scissors, and some strawberry incense, I'll have to make a trip to Target or something to get all the stuff I want.

Best thing I did while I was out, though, was stop by a place called Hair Habit, by the 7-11. I've been getting increasingly sick of my hair, so I got it cut. AND I LOVE IT!!! It's so fucking cute I can't believe it! I just hope it'll look this good tomorrow, I want to surprise Bridgie :D. Will get pictures as soon as we can find the camera, it's been missing for a couple of weeks XP. I'm totally going back to that stylist, she did an amazing job for only $25. She spent forever just making sure the sides were exactly even, and cut in thin strips. It took a while, but it was worth it. So happy ^_^.

Oh, also watched Memoirs of a Geisha again last night. So much <3 for that movie. Teh prettiness kills me *_*. I've got five six other movies to watch, and tons of things to do, and I promised Bridgie I'd try to write, but OMG I wanna watch Geisha again! ;_;

Have to go clean Nani's cage now.

Bryan!! I miss you ;_;! June better get here fast, damnit! This Hitchhiker's Guide collection is beeeeeautiful, btw. Thanks for letting me borrow it.
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