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Hugs all the curves in just the right way...

I've been downloading random music for the past hour or so. Got some Black-Eyed Peas, Gold Digger, Safety Dance, Barbie Girl, the Pulp Fiction 'theme', Sobakasu, Bill Engvall's 'Here's Your Sign', some songs from the Twister soundtrack, Lifehouse, Garth Brooks, Reba McIntire, John Anderson, Tim McGraw, and Alan Jackson, George Strait (shut up, I grew up on that music and I still LOVE George Strait XD), Village People, 'Walk Like an Egyptian', 'Diamonds are Forever' by Kanye West, and lots of others. It's so funny though, I keep trying to download Willie Nelson's 'Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other', and a lot of the files say cowboys are frequently secretly willie nelson. Made me laugh, anyway XD.

Don Knotts passed away. Sadness ;_;

Libertyland died too. There goes a big piece of my childhood. I was hoping Bridgie would get to go on some of the rides this year ;_;.

Funny thing. Remember I got Bridgie a Tempur-pedic pillow for Christmas? Well I did, I bought her a standard size Tempur-pedic pillow, and made a pillowcase for it. Turns out, though, Bridgie liked MY Tempur-pedic better than the one I got her. Mine is small, and softer from being used for so many years. Which works out really well because I LOVE her pillow. Can you guess what we did? :D Best part is, my pillowcase for my Tempur-pedic (made out of the remains of my poor deceased GIR blanket) was WAY too big for my pillow, and her pillowcase wasn't really big enough for her pillow (it fit, but kept slipping off.) Coincedence? Apparently so, but a wonderfully convenient coincedence, all things considered.

I'm trying to remember this damn song from my childhood... it's a country song about a fourth of July, I think, and some girl ends up torching her own house. Or her mom goes crazy and torches the house while the girl's watching fireworks. Or something like that. GAAARG what was the name of that song?!!

Edit: Remembered the song right after I posted. XD Independence Day by Martina McBride. The girl's mother is being abused by her father and while everyone's down at the fair the house burns to the ground with both parents inside. Nice. O_o
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