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One interview down...

I think it went rather well. They seemed pretty happy with me. And it wasn't THE job I want, though it sounded really awesome. I tried to look at it as a 'dry run' so I wouldn't be as nervous. The other job starts at a slightly higher salary, and could go up to $17/hour in one year so, yeah, that's probably the one I'd go with, given the choice. But who knows, the other one's closer and it was a beautiful building. Looked like a nice place to work. We shall see... May not get an offer from either one :D. I'm nervous that they might contact Blockbuster and be pissed when they find out I'm not an Assistant Manager YET. I mean, I've taken all the tests for ASM, all I have left to do is get certified to run inventory by myself and I think there's a seminar on hiring that we're supposed to take. I'm basically ready to be an ASM, but I'm NOT yet, and I kinda said on my resume that I was because 'Shift Leader' isn't the kind of title that's gonna get responses... Not to mention my current boss doesn't know I'm looking for a job yet, though I wouldn't leave her before she had a replacement and other stores always say we have too many managers anyway... [nervous]

I spent $150 on a blazer, shirt, pants, socks, bra, and suitable shoes (OMG I was wearing high heels!! And if they hadn't kept slipping off the back of my feet, they would've been quite comfortable for the few hours I wore them :D) last night. If I don't get either of these jobs, at least I've got a great outfit to keep hunting with! [dies]

I think Bridgie really liked her Valentine's Day presents. Poor girl got tired and fell asleep early though ;_;.

Note to self: Fix cover letter to apply to VPI before interview Thursday. Directions to the interview are in my little blue notepad.

Note to everyone else: I'll respond to your last comments tomorrow! I'm trying not to type too much as Bridgie tends to wake up at the slighest noise XD.

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