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I don't have to leave!

My Johari window! Stolen fromsi_end_ght Everyone please go and fill that out for meeeeee! ...(OMG I just noticed what the hell your username means, Jamie XD.)

So the people who read Bridgie's journal have probably been wondering what's going on. For those that don't, Nicki told me that she couldn't afford to keep me in the house anymore. She said I should go back to Memphis for a year, then come back after saving some money. There were a couple of panic-filled days, most of which were spent crying because Bridgie and I are both pussies and can't live without each other XD. But on the second or third day, we started looking online. I found a house where someone was looking for another roommate, at an affordable rent. Then Nicki told me this weekend that if I can just pay her what I was going to be paying that guy, I could stay here. So now, I'm probably staying here. Though I was really starting to like the idea of getting out on my own. Er...sort of on my own.

Oh. And I put a resume out on, applied at some jobs, and I've got two interviews this week for full-time positions that pay over $13/hour, with benefits. Rock on :D. The first interview's tomorrow, and the second is on Thursday. They're both customer service/call center type jobs. One's for Allstate, one's for Veterinary Pet Insurance. We're gonna go buy some nice interview clothes tonight, because I own nothing suitable for a real interview, and the only dress shoes I have are two pairs of sandals that hurt my feet XD. Wish me luck, guys. I desperately need one of these jobs. The one that could go up to $17/hour in one year would be especially nice. That's almost exactly TWICE the amount of money I make now! (I make 8.80 an hour to be the public's bitch, that's so sad. :D) So yeah, please cross your fingers for me! Anybody got any good tips for the interview?
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