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Not only do they have the best FREE email service on the internet (2683 MB and counting!) Not only do they have one of the best search engines. Not only do they have everything from stock quotes to directions just by text messaging from your phone. They've now released a pack that gives you all the basics you need to start a new computer, including AdAware and a bunch of other nifty programs, with only a single download. I've got a sidebar now, which normally I would absolutely hate, but it can be set to hide itself off the side of the screen until you move over to it. It has a notepad that saves automatically, a to-do list that even has little check boxes :D, a slideshow of your photos, news (if you want it), stock quotes (again, if you want them), weather, a system monitor, and a google search box. I apparently now have google talk too. I assume my username is crimsonobsession, for that's the name my email's under. I also elected to download Firefox with my Google Pack, I thought I might try it, just out of curiousity. This is much teh happy making.

In other news, the two new episodes of Scrubs tonight were the gayest things I've ever seen on television. And I watched every single episode of the Sentinel :D. There was nipple tweaking, many MANY references to JD and Turk's undying love, JD calling Turk 'Baby' and thinking to himself just how much more emotionally connected with Turk he is than Turk's wife, among other things. Oh so gay. JD/Turk/Carla/Elliot OT4!!! Plus, the ending of the second one made me almost wanna cry, and that Mexican Apple Thief thing was pure gold. SO MUCH LAUGH <3

I have to push back my next week of making my own schedule. ;_; Stupid everybody at work (literally, every manager but me and one or two CSRs) asked for days or the week off. Sadness ;_;. I get one more day of working this week, though, then on Thursday I go in for a four hour module testing shift (gonna be an ASM OMG, so basically gonna be getting paid for doing the job I've been doing most of for a while now) and then do inventory from twelve am to four am, and then... three day weekend!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!

I've been transferring my old anime/j-pop CDs to my mp3 player. I'd forgotten how much I loved them. Even the sugary sweet Amuro Namie CD I have (which doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the internet.) They just make me feel so HAPPY when I listen to them. You know the guy on that commercial who's in debt up to his eyeballs? Yeah, they make me smile like that. And I used my giftcards to buy three pairs of awesome pants from Hot Topic, an awesome shirt, and Muse - Origin of Symmetry from Tower Records (which is so insanely overpriced and I will never shop there again O_O.) My little brother bought me a Hellblazer TPB and Sandman: Endless Nights, with the money he got from his JOB at BLOCKBUSTER. [sniffle] My little baby bro's all growed up. <3
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