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Picspam! Part The Final!

The outside of the house. Pretty ^_^

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The manger under the tree.

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The Pooh on the dining room railing.

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The carolers in the front hall :D

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The tree!

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Hair as it was, while straightened.

Image hosted by
Hair as it was, not so straightened.

Image hosted by
Before the work party at Oak Tree Lanes.

Image hosted by
Hair as it is today :D

Image hosted by
Gangsta :D

Image hosted by
From above...

Image hosted by
From the right...

Image hosted by
From the back...

Image hosted by
From the left. Hair curtain! :D

Image hosted by
And finally, the Three Caballeros, as taken by Stitch in Innoventions :D Aaaaaaaw...
Tags: christmas 2005, pictures

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