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Picspam! Part 1!

So my mommy wants to see pictures , since I haven't sent any to her in a loooong time. Plus, I just got my hair cut today, and used that lovely fabulous spectacular ceramic pressing iron on it. So I'm gonna spam you all with pictures. Some are from Valorie's (Bridgie's niece) birfday, in which we all went to Disneyland! Some are from Manda, Bridgie, and I just being goofballs ^_^. There's some cute ones of Nani, some pics of the Christmas decorations around the house, and shots of my hair when Bridgie put it up for me to go to my work party and of it now. Be forewarned, there's gonna be a LOT of pictures. I think I'll split them up into four posts, seeing as how there's about 40 :D. Most likely all of the Disneyland shots were by Manda, as Bridgie and I let her do her thing most of the time. :D They're very pretteh!

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The Christmas tree in the center of Main Street, done up in gold for the 50th anniversary.

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Rocketman! Note the adorable new pink coat ^_^. I was pretty hot at the start of the day, but by nighttime I was so glad I'd brought it.

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In da house, Yoda is!

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Buzz has no face! :O

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Sleeping Beauty's castle. Isn't it pretty?

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Even moreso when the lights go out :D

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As is the new and improved Space Mountain!

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And the Christmas-themed It's a Small World, which I finally got to go on :D. Hm. That's the second Disneyland ride I've first seen when it was done up for Christmas.
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