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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
The Return of... DUN DUN DUN... LATE FEES! Sort of... 
29th-Dec-2005 01:18 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
http://www.livejournal.com/community/bbv_drones/773585.html If (or is that when?) this happens to corporate stores, I will laugh so fucking hard. Sofa king hard. I will laugh until tears stream down my cheeks, and my throat constricts with pain, and my sides implode. I will laugh like laughing will be the death of me.

And then I will quit, before I have to hear the first fuckhead bitch at me.
29th-Dec-2005 07:11 pm (UTC)
Oh man. How sorry am I NOT for that company. It's amazing how many people will blame the customers (though I know it's valid--customers are bitchy as all hell) rather than the huge, multi-billion corporation that is finally getting it's just end.

Sadly, even Netflix is having its problems. They're being sued, too, because some lazy ass customer didn't get his DVDs on time, or some shit like that. Never mind that it was probably the fucking postoffice, NOT Netflix's, fault. I really hope the guy crashes and burns.

Oh, world.
30th-Dec-2005 02:25 am (UTC)
Before I go any further, I wanna say no hostility is directed at you Jamie :D. I'm not a blind BBV loving drone defending her company against any and all comers, but I've heard far too many smartass remarks and complaints from customers to think that they are totally blameless in the whole debacle Blockbuster has gotten itself into.

I know (better than many) that Blockbuster has done some stupid-ass shit in their day. I've been a Blockbuster loyalist since long before I started to work there. And as stupid as the company has been lately, I think it was a great place in the beginning XP. They still have some really good things going, like the passes and their online. Great things, in fact, at least in theory. Some of the things they've done lately have been really fucking stupid, getting rid of late fees for example. And don't even get me started on how they treat their employees. I don't know how they can be so good sometimes, and such complete and utter assholes at other times.

But to me, the lawsuits brought against them were utterly ridiculous. We're a corporate store, and we had advertising out the wazoo that described the exact details. And the funny part? The 'we'll sell you the movie stuff' was in effect WHEN we had late fees, only you didn't have a month to bring your movie back before the sale was permanent. If you kept the movie, like, 15 days I think, it sold and went to collections if the balance wasn't paid in a month or so. So they actually made that part better for the customer. It wasn't new, it wouldn't have been a surprise if anyone bothered to read the contracts they signed, and all membership applications (the contracts) still contain that stipulation. Not to mention the No Late Fees is really an unbelievably great deal for customers, and basically shafted the company in order to make the customers HAPPY and get them off Blockbuster's back.

[sigh] Nevermind, won't go into that. XD BBV is a touchy subject for me. But anyway, what makes me want to laugh so hard is this: People complained about the midnight drop time, so Blockbuster gave them an extra 12 hours to get them in at noon. People then complained about the noon drop time, saying that they were at work at noon, and we're just gonna totally disregard the fact that people could turn them in at ANY TIME before twelve, like on the way to work in the morning or on the way home the night before. They sued about the late fees (though I'll be the first to admit that charging by rental period instead of by day is utterly ludicrous, and my mom probably spent hundreds of dollars on late fees alone, but she wasn't about to sue the company for something that was her own fault.) So Blockbuster says hey, you know what? We're gonna just GET RID of late fees altogether! We expected much rejoicing from those people who had had 'issues' with getting their movies in on time. Instead, Blockbuster got sued again, because apparently some people actually thought 'No More Late Fees' meant 'Keep it Forever With No Consequences Whatsoever'. I fail to see how keeping a movie for an entire 5 weeks and only paying 1.25 total is a BAD thing, but that's just me.

So part of me would be laughing horrible, malicious, sadistic laughs if they ever brought back late fees. Show those beeyotches right for trying to sue over EVERYTHING. (Disclaimer: I am aware there are many customers who aren't like these people, I am, and them I would feel a little sorry for. I just can't help but be of the opinion that people who don't want late fees shouldn't turn their shit in late. I'd love to see someone try to sue a credit card company for charging late fees.)


Love you Jamie ^_^;;;
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