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OMFGWHEE!!! Note the release date! (My birfday's April 12th >:D)

Brokeback Mountain looks REALLY good. Must see....

In case I haven't mentioned it, my brother Tim, the middle kid, just recently got hired at my old Blockbuster. He seems to be doing well. And tonight, he apparently layed the smack down on two asshats who tried to rob them. It made me proud and scared at the same time, but he's living the dream of most retail drones, I know, which is...being able to layeth the smack down on petty crooks. W00t! And in other work news, I'm working six fucking days next week, the first shift being 7am to 4pm on Monday morning. And I'll bet you anything I won't get Christmas off, and may even end up having to close Christmas day even though I asked to open that day. Not to mention my raise hasn't gone through, and neither has my medical (the latter of which is a good thing when the former is true). I did get $80 in holiday pay for Thanksgiving though.

Heeeeee....I'm Richard Simmons :D

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