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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
You can pick your friends... 
30th-Mar-2003 02:42 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
...I caught a Coelocanth and my first Barred Knifejaw, along with two or three dozen more Barred knifejaws and Red Snappers. The fish like it when it rains, apparently. Those Coelocanth are a bitch to catch O_o.

Fletcher, my little half-brother, had his third birfday today. Got to see their house for the first time since Trey moved in. Despite the state of destruction our house used to be in, and the fact that Trey's room was always the absolute worst of them (couldn't see the floor, literally), now his is the only clean room on the second floor. Fletcher's is a mess, but that's to be expected from a three year old. The room at the end of the house seems to be basically a junk room, with a few pieces of furniture they're not using elsewhere and a large and torturous-looking piece of exercise equipment. And Hannah's room, oh my Tallest!! The floor was covered with clothes and naked Barbie dolls, the tv was on and the radio was blaring Shakira (shudder). I haven't seen a room that messy since, well, since our old house, which Dad and everyone else in the family was always looking down on mom for. Hypocrits. Trey seemed happy enough, but asked a little too eagerly for someone to spend the night with him. I feel so sorry for him having to live in that house. I can't say for certain, since I don't, but it seems most likely that he's always on the losing end of every battle, and I'm sure there are many with the demanding, spoiled nature of Hannah (I love her to death but I can see exactly what she's gonna grow up to be and it's not pleasant) and the plain demanding nature of Fletch. Missy rules the household, since she brings in more money and all Dad seems to care about is getting to play with his toys and not pissing her off too much. If the kids get into an argument, Trey's usually the one to get reprimanded, even when it's obvious who's at fault. Poor guy.

I played Animal Crossing for him tonight, and won him a covered wagon. Hope he gets to spend the night at Mom's next weekend, he's always so happy when he does.

Bridgie, you said you were gonna write something for Contrelamontre this time!! Where's mah ficcage, beeeeyotch XD. Just kidding, hee, don't get mad and refuse to write anything O_O [grovels at Bridgie's feet]
30th-Mar-2003 01:10 am (UTC)
d00d, where are j00?? I came online a little while ago, but you weren't here, and yet you posted in your journal! IMEESYOO!

Anyhow.. uhh.. I guess I'm not gonna make this challenge. =( kaydeefalss wrote a fic that's very similar to the structure I was gonna go for and I don't want to seem like I'm copying her.. maybe next time. I REALLY WANT TO WRITE, AFTER ALL!!


I also said I was gonna call you today! I'm sorree. ;-; I woke up late today, then had cleaning to do, then went out to dinner for Manda's birthday... but I'll call you tomorrow, promise! *HUGS* Hope you sleep well!

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