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Kronk's New Groove!

The verdict? Not bad, actually. Not GREAT, by any means, and the first half or so seemed rather...forced, I guess. Like they were trying too hard to mimic the first one. They come far from meeting the brilliance of ENG, and they make a lot of big mistakes (Yzma breaking out into random song and dance number?!) BUT the first half does have a few GREAT jokes, and once the second 'story' starts it really begins to come together much better and finds its own, uh...groove ^_^. The love interest is far from your typical Disney damsel, in some good ways. Plus there's a montage to 'Let's Groove' that had me LOL, and Kuzco's final appearance is SO worth the price of admission. All in all, it's worth watching at least once.

It also had two small and VERY random easter eggs, and previews for some truly scary items...Bambi 2 I'd heard of, and has some potential, despite how horrified I am that they would make a sequel. Leroy and Stitch didn't really surprise me, it looks like a close-out for the series. But FOX AND THE HOUND 2?! What's next?! Robin Hood 2? OLIVER AND COMPANY 2?! Great Mouse Dete...hey, that might be kinda cool...

But (potentially) worst of all? The TV SERIES Emperor's New SCHOOL. Think ENG meets Billy Madison O_O. I know, I'm scared too.
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