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Random holiday thoughts.

I've spent the last couple of days trying to survive retail hell. Here comes Santa Claus and here comes the holiday shopping season. Whoopee.

There is much amusement to be found in watching auctions for XBox 360s on ebay and keeping tabs until the last minute. I did just that last night. Bridgie and I saw a $20.50 Xbox (CORE system, mind you) turn into a $615 ONE MINUTE. Next year I'm preordering a PS3 at work. I'll make sure I'm first on the list. I'll have them hold it for me when they come in. I'll take it home. And I'll sell it for twice the price on ebay. Then I'll save enough of the money to buy myself one when they get cheaper.

Mushrooms are yummy. Turkey is yummy. And Bridgie's deviled eggs that taste JUST LIKE my grandmother's deviled eggs are yummy.

Bridgie's brother's so funny. What's funnier is a whole family poking fun at someone who's absent, only to remember they'd turned on the camcorder to record the Thanksgiving festivities.

Bridgie was singing a cute little 'doo doo doo' song behind me. Squee. ^_^

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