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News flash!

Apparently Tif's going to be an assistant manager. Tif will get more monies in December, then more monies when she becomes assistant manager next year. Tif is happy. Tif is also about to sign up for health/dental/vision insurance. Tif might even be getting braces, and making teh ebil gingivitis go away, and getting stylish new glasses and a CHECKUP for the first time in many years! Hooray!

I add to my Christmas list, an Edison Hate Future t-shirt, based on the bizarre one-panel comic by Warren Ellis. The shirts are $15, and you should all go here and buy some, because they're some of the best shirts ever. I think this is my favorite. Or this. Or this. Or the original. Dear sweet Tallest I must have one!!!!!!!!!!! GYAAAAAAH!!!

I miss the days when I could say, 'I want a PS2 for Christmas' and it would happen. I've grown up, and the only person who ever could spend that much money on me can't anymore, and my mom sure as hell can't, even though she'd love to, I'm sure. Le sigh. ...I want a PSP ;_;.

Bridgie showed me how to use iframes and image maps. Add to that the Dreamweaver that she was able to put on my computer, and I've been working on a new layout for my website. Tis pretty. I'm proud of it. It'll be up soon, hopefully.

John Malkovich, Crispin Glover, and Anthony Hopkins are gonna be in the Robert Zemeckis/Neil Gaiman version of Beowulf. w00t!


NaNoWriMo? What's that?
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