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A wonderful night.

My babeh took me to Downtown Disney tonight. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe (Chimi-Cha-Chas for an appetizer, a delicious red snapper for Bridgie, and the biggest burrito I have ever seen in my life for me.) We saw a man playing a glass harmonica, an instrument he made himself that apparently only about half a dozen people in the entire world play. I bought a Stitch Halloween Disney pin, and bought Bridgie a 50th pin with Donald in a spacesuit. We passed a little kiosk with those special pictures that look different if you look at them one way, or another. There were lots of pictures of people kissing alternated with putting their heads on each others' shoulders. On the side was a picture of two boys, sitting together and kissing. Hee. We were surprised, pleasantly so, that they'd actually be so bold as to put that up. At World of Disney we saw many pretty things. They have a giant figure of Lilo, and one of Stitch, for only $150 each :D. On the way out I saw a giant Stitch mug. One of those massive coffee mugs that double as bowls? Yeah, one of those. I've been wanting one of those since they started making more Stitch stuff. I looked for one every time we went to Downtown Disney. And I had no monies left to buy it ;_;. Le sad. But I bought us Haagen Dazs ice cream, so that's good.

I haven't written a word for Nanowrimo yet. :D But I had an idea for a novel today, so yay.

I'm getting over a cold I've had for about a week now. I think coughing on my hands got bacteria under my skin somehow, because right where I cough I developed a strange rash, a small cluster of bumps on bright red skin. It covers the knuckle where my thumb joins my hand, and hurts like a bitch. XP I think it's clearing up though.
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