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Back from vacation with an insanely long post!

Apparently Semagic or LJ thinks my password is too easy to guess, and it should be changed. Um. Yeah, it's not easy to guess. In fact, I dare everybody to guess my password!! If anyone can guess what my password is I'll, uh...give them a cyber-cookie or something. XD

Vacation was fantabulous, despite the horrendous rain and cold we jetskied through and played in and shivered in for the first 3 days. We ended up beaching the houseboat at the same spot that we spent most of the trip at last year, and it was just as wonderful the second time. We rode the jetskis like mad, almost two hours at a time on some days. (I'm even more eager to get a scooter after riding jetskis again, as I imagine they're a similar ride, what with the leaning into curvesand going 50-60 mph with your fave exposed to the wind and such. Wait, did I mention I wanted to get a scooter?)

We also got to spend some time on Kurt's speedboat (before he killed it; we lost two jetskis that just stopped working, he killed one of the props on his speedboat when he took it over a hidden pipe in the water, and the houseboat died right after we fueled it up for the way back to Callville Bay. Add to that the loss of two party members, a flat tire on the trailer Maria was pulling just a mile outside of Callville, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting, it was an eventful trip indeed O_o.) The speedboat was a pretty sweet ride, though the first time I was on it I got a bit freaked out. I was sitting in the back with Nicki and Manda, and all I could see was the boat's prow(?) rising up into the air as we picked up speed, then the water nearly coming into the boat every time we made a sharp turn. Kurt threw us all into each other several times :P. But the next time we ALL rode on the boat, a ways up the lake, and I rode on the front with Bridgie and Manda and Val and Ashlee (daughter of the girl that Bridgie's brother Stan is dating.) That was a MUCH better ride than the first. In front, the sensations of turning and flying were exhilirating, not terrifying. Well, mostly not terrifying :D. We stopped the boat after, oh, an hour or so? Maybe less. Soggy sandwiches and chips and sodas (or beers) were had by all, and some of us were even brave enough to jump off the back of the boat and take a swim! Myself included! wasn't so much a JUMP as a slow, gentle lowering into the water for me, but still! Swimming in a lake the size of a small sea!

The water was SO FUCKING COLD.

After the dip and break we pulled over and beached on a stretch of sand because we'd seen DONKEYS! WILD DONKEYS! All us girls went to see them, but they sauntered lazily away because one of the other party members, a really nice guy that was Stan's friend, scared them off by getting too close. Speaking of animals, one of the first nights we'd beached I went out exploring, alone, while Bridgie was on the SeaDoos or somewhere, I can't remember what she and Manda were doing. On one end of the little 'island' I saw a couple of massive crawdad things (massive for crawdads, anyway, they were maybe 6" long) and on the other end I saw a bunny! But when I took everyone else to go see the places the next day, the animals weren't there ;_;.

All in all it was a wonderful trip, and I fall more in love with Lake Mead everytime I'm lucky enough to visit.

I've been worked to the bone ever since I got off of vacation, though. Vanneza and Raul are both taking weeks-long vacations too, so my schedule ever since I got back has been crazy. I'm closing and then opening the next day, probably two or three times in two weeks. We were so late because of waiting for the mechanic to fix the boat and everything that we didn't get home until about 12am, then I got to open the next day. Sunday was busy. Monday I felt like crying. The trip had just caught up to me, I'd closed the night before so I was dead tired, I had to come in at EIGHT AM because I had to basically take Vanneza's place doing the End of Pay Week stuff (which I've never done before), and on top of it all, I had to wake up almost and hour earlier than usual because I had to walk, since Bridgie's brother had kept her car. So I'm getting ready to walk out the door, and I go to kiss Bridgie and tell her I'm leaving, when my eyes fall on the foot of the bed, where my blanket is hanging over. My favorite blanket, my GIR 'I love candy' microfiber fleece that's the softest blanket ever, is hanging by Nani's cage. Not just BY Nani's cage...IN Nani's cage. Once I'd pulled it out, I realized one corner was almost entirely eaten ;_;. I was so heartbroken, and after I said bye to Bridgie, when I first stepped out of the house, my foot just gave out underneath me and I fell on my ass, nearly twisting my ankle. It was at that point that I was about ready to cry, but I had to drag myself up and shlub my way to work, where I got to enjoy the 'company' of Deanna (who makes everything far more difficult than it has to be) and Rob, a Store Manager in Training who's barely more than a CSR at the moment. Luckily Aaron came in at 3 (when Aaron finally does leave, I think I'm going to go insane and begin a killing spree in the middle of the store. He's basically the only other employee I can more than tolerate now, and everytime I work with him I know that not only are we gonna have a good shift, we're gonna get everything done and then some.) I was able to leave at 4 (I thought I was an 8-5 shift), and we actually managed to finish all the work we were supposed to do. Still sucked more ass than any shift in recent memory, but I survived. Yesterday I had a day off to recover. And last night Bridgie was wonderful enough to drive me to Jo-Ann Crafts and Fabrics, where I bought some bias tape, and instead of sleeping like I should have I stayed up long enough to watch Star Wars Episode III (which was absolutely horrilble but still had some really enjoyable scenes, most of which involved killing with flashy swords, and enough slash to make your nose bleed) and turned half of my poor blanket into a soft pillow case for my Tempurpedic pillow! No more stinky pillow, yay! Soon as I'm done with the trim on this one, I'll probably go buy a pillow form and make a throw pillow with the fabric that's left over. I'm tired now, but I'm not ready to cry at the slighest provocation. That's a plus :D. And though I'm closing on Halloween, and working five days in a row next week, one of those days is only five hours long, and I get both Saturday and Sunday off!! Time for Disneyland!!!
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