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I think I went insane!

Okay, so I come back from a nice week in Memphis, and decide randomly that I need a new computer. Well, my laptop's keyboard's all messed up and taking it back to Best Buy TWICE hasn't yielded any results (except a new battery, free of charge, they really do have an AWESOME service plan). And Bridgie and I were talking about me getting Guild Wars yesterday, though it's a little choppy on this computer. On a whim I decided to go to to see what kind of pricing I could be looking at for a new computer in the near future. And yeah, so I found one whose base price on a payment plan would be $25 a month. $25 A MONTH. Sure I'll probably be paying interest up the wazoo, but fo payments I can easily afford it seems a fair trade. At some point Bridgie speculated that we could probably fit another CPU beside hers if we moved things over a bit and cleaned stuff up...and before I knew it we had planned out the entire room. Tomorrow we're going to IKEA and buying two matching computer desks. We're getting rid of the stand we have our TV on, and putting the TV on top of the dresser (which will be moved back to where the TV stand was). We're giving away the froggies, which makes me sad but we don't take care of them like we take care of Nani and they'd probably be happier with someone else. Summers, sadly, passed away last week, too. Poor little bugger was always hiding and we never even saw him eat XP. We always wondered when we'd look in and find him dead, but he was always still alive, against all laws of nature. I'll miss the little guy.

Hm, anyway, where the dresser is now there's an outlet, making it the perfect for my new desk. Bridgie's desk will go where it is now, but cattycorner, and the desks are much smaller than the one she has now. We're gonna be packing up a ton of figures and stuff that we have littering the shelves in here, plaster the holes in the wall, paint, and hang up the giant IKEA shelves we have again. All hopefully before the computer gets here, between the 30th and the 4th XD. I SO 'CITED!!!

The specs on my new comp, which Bridgie and Bryan assured me are all the things I needed that I could afford:

DIM 5100,P4,630 (3.0 GHZ),HT,2MB
19" Flat Screen Monitor (Free upgrade from 17" :D)

Not really sure what most of those are, but they're apparently good XD. When they put it to you as $1 a month, it's hard to resist going for some of the good stuff. So I'm paying $1,229 at who knows how many payments of $41 a month. Not too bad for a nice computer! And I just happened to get Friday off (W00T!!!) so we're gonna spend all day tomorrow cleaning and fixing up the room! I'm so excited and I dun wanna go to work tonight!!!
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