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Disneyland Rock!

I haven't looked at Livejournal since Harry Potter came out. Normally, even though I don't write or respond to a lot of stuff, I've at least read everything, with a few exceptions. But in the past few weeks I've totally not touched the internet. Like, at all. Bridgie and I have kept ourselves mightily occupied. I've been working a little more than usual - until last week I got a couple five-day weeks in. I was given the weekend off one week. I was so happy, because I usually work Sundays and open at least half of my Saturdays. I was going to get to close Friday night (TEH HORROR of the 5-1:30 am shift!!!) and sleep most of Saturday afternoon away, then enjoy the remainder and Sunday. Alas, 'twas not to be. Vanneza (teh boss) had to conduct a new hire, an orientation of sorts for new employees, at another store and could I please come in and open Saturday for her if she gives me the NEXT weekend off. Okay, sure, I could use the hours! Saturday rolls around, after a really, really late Friday, and I'm tired but dealing. The next week our schedules show I have the weekend off, yay! ...At least, that is, until Vanezza calls to see if I could work Saturday again for her. Another new hire. Despite my frustration and knowing Bridgie would be even more disappointed than she was last time, I agree. Friday night is HELL, I get home really late, don't get to sleep until about 4 in the morning, and have to wake up at 7:20 am to walk to work. What fun! Vanezza calls to ask how many Rewards programs we've sold (my rant about the Rewards drive is for another time, but suffice it to say Vanezza's boss is chewing her ass because we aren't selling enough). I tell her we sold, like, 13 that night or something, which makes her happy. She tells me to call her if I need anything, on her cell. And I'm all like 'Okay! ...Wait, won't you have it turned off if you're doing a new hire?' Imagine the absolute JOY that suffuses my body when she tells me that the new hire was CANCELLED! I'm there, working her shift, after a shitty night and almost no sleep, on not the first, but the second time I was called in for her, and the bloody new hire was cancelled! OH, the IRONY! A great sympathy and understanding for Dante Hicks suddenly flowed through me, and for the rest of the day I was like death walking. It wouldn't have even bothered me as much if she'd offered to come on in and take over for me. I probably would've told her no cause I needed the money anyway. But fuck, that shift was a FAVOR meant to allow her to deal with other WORK-RELATED obligations. It seemed so unfair that instead of making the offer, she just went ahead and enjoyed her lovely little day off.

Bitterness aside, I FINALLY got my weekend off this week, plus a Monday in which I only had to go to a 20 minute long meeting, and it was glorious! Bridgie and I spent so much time together. We went shopping (I got a new skirt and two purses, a blue one which I'm painting Stitch on and a black one which I'm painting Duo on, and she got new shorts), watched some TV and movies, got in lots of snuggling and other, not quite so innocent all, a perfect weekend XD.

Highlight, though, was our new Disneyland Annual Passes!! We both got Deluxe passes last Wednesday, mine regular and hers with free parking. We went in Wednesday night, got our passes, went on The Haunted Mansion and saw their fireworks show. It was my first time with the fireworks, and it couldn't have been better. It boggles my mind that they can put on a show like that (a $40,000 show, according to a co-worker whose friend works on the fireworks team) every single night. After that we wandered around Tomorrowland for a while, got Fastpass tickets for Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters, and went to Fantasyland, where we rode on Casey Jr. and the Jungle Cruise XD. AstroBlasters was awesome too! That ride is so much fun. I got 48,000 ^_^.

We went to Disneyland again last night. Almost ALL the rides' Fast passes were gone and it was only 6 or so when we got there! They were SO crowded XP. We still went on some good rides, though, including Buzz Lightyear's and Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion was less fun though cause poor Bridgie was feeling really sick through the whole thing. But she got better <3. We went to California Adventure and got to go on the Grizzly River Run with only a little waiting after dark. We were SO SOAKED, and I was kinda cold later on in the night, but it was worth it. I lost a bottle-holder I'd bought for Bridgie on Wednesday though ;_;. I left it behind, and even though I ran back before our raft had even moved, all the new people in the raft said they didn't find anything. Pootheads. XP Oh well. We also went on Storybook Land, a little kid ride where you sit in boats and float past a bunch of beautiful, intricate large scale models of different Disney castles and villages. They were so beautiful at night. We also went on the carousel, and Star Tours. Next time I think I'm gonna try the Matterhorn and go on Pirates and Grizzly River Run again. I'm trying to get used to some of the less extreme rides, so I'll be able to go on some rides of medium extremity without freaking out and hyperventilating  and/or dying of a heart attack XD.

I bought uber-cute Stitch PJs. And if I don't stop spending money soon, I'll be bankrupt :D.

Bridgie bought an absolutely beautiful t-shirt that looks stunning on her, and I can't wait for her to wear it so I can weasel it off of her.

Off to read more of you guys' journals and continue my wait for Bridgie to come back from taking teh Manda home from the airport. If there's anything I may have missed in the last three weeks or so, let me know!

Oh, and anyone who likes Gundam Wing should go visit gw_icontest and vote on the awesome icons. Several of which have been Bridgie's and mine XD.

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