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So apparently, the Bush administration has declared a war on Internet porn (we'll see how long that lasts). What I love is that they can go about claiming it's 'for duh childwen', while simultaneously cutting a quarter of the government's funding that goes to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PUBLIC TELEVISION. As in, those wonderful educational shows like Nova and Masterpiece Theater and numerous bits of British programming. But of course, those shows are popular, so which ones are going to be hit the hardest? Lesser known shows specifically designed for education, like, oh I don't know, maybe the kinds of things that get shown in schools? Maybe? Because the childwen mean jack-shit when 'preparing a budget during times of deficits.' Not that we can't afford to spend millions of dollars policing the internet because, well, we've gotta protect those kids!!!11!!1

In a comment I saw someone point out the irony that all this outcry was over porn. It's not. This is not 'OMG what'll I wank off to now?!' This is, 'What can be defined as porn?' When will they set their righteous bullseye on art? On paintings, comics, novels, movies, digital works? How long will the personal liberty of self-expressioin remain just that, a liberty? It's not as if they haven't tried before. History is filled with horrific attempts to quash personal opinion and most mainstream forms of art have seemed under attack for decades now. How far off is the terrifying future portrayed by Fahrenheit 451 or 1984? Is Sandman going to be banned one day because OMG that cat-woman has bare boobs?! Will Lolita be outlawed because of rampant sexuality and depictions of, well, the Lolita complex?

I'm going to the library today. Along with some Terry Pratchett and some Neil Gaiman, I think I should pick up 1984.

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