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This is ADDICTIVE O_O We got a TAD juvenile, but this just wasted us a good twenty minutes XD. OMG I haven't laughed hard enough to cry in a LONG time!

And on the eighth day, god created Aziraphale/Crowley.

There's lots of fun in Zim/Dib.

Can you feel it? Jumba/Pleakley.

Trogdor! kicks ass.

You're in good hands with StrongBad.

Crowley - be prepared.

I'd sleep with Nightcrawler.

Toad. We build smiles.

I'd do anything for Todd.

Todd will do anything for you.

With a name like Cloud Strife, it has to be good.

Thanks Bart/Fei.

I'd walk a mile for whoop-ass!

Every can of whoop ass has a story.

Pure Crowley. Pure Power.

Aziraphale, just the best.

Dr. Girlfriend after a long day.

Where's your The Cheat?

Can you feel it? The Cheat.

Brock, love it or leave it.

3... 2... 1... Brock.

Are you ready for Brock?

Duo/Heero - today and tomorrow.

I'd sleep with Duo/Heero.

Duo/Heero for your kids!

Bigger. Better. ate my soul.

ate my soul, pure lust.

Timon/Pumbaa moments.

Can you feel Timon/Pumbaa?

Bridgie/Tif empowers you.

Step into the light with Bridgie/Tif.

Bridgie/Tif groove.

Don't play with fire, play with Bridgie/Tif.

Say it with GIR.

Up, up and away with Blockbuster.

And on the eighth day, god created Blockbuster.


Thanks PETsMART.

PETsMART, the secret of women.

Go far with pussy.

Enjoy pussy.

The one and only pussy.

My pussy, your pussy, pussy for all!

The queen buys pussy.

I want more, I want pussy.

pussy? You bet.

dick - to feel free!

Follow your cock.

There's a bit of cock in all of us.

gay wanted.

Oh my goddess, it's a gay.

And on the eighth day, god created gay.

Be alive with gay.

Worldclass gay!

My way is gay.

teh gay nonstop.

Don't mess with teh gay.

God made teh gay.

Be inspired by teh gay.

sex - be prepared.

sex. Making people sucessful in a changing world.

Nobody doesn't like sex.

Be young, have fun, taste sex.

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