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Stolen from a couple of LJs. Put an X in the ( ) by the movies you've seen. If you have 90 or more, you are a movie whore. Copy and post!

1-( )Napoleon Dynamite
3-(X)White Noise
4-( )White Oleander
5-(X)Anger Management
6-(X)50 First Dates
7-( )Jason X
9-(X)Scream 2
10-(X)Scream 3
11-(X)Scary Movie
12-( )Scary Movie 2
13-( )Scary Movie 3
14-( )American Pie
15-( )American Pie 2
16-( )American Wedding
17-(X)Harry Potter
18-(X) Harry Potter 2
19-(X)Harry Potter 3
20-(X)Resident Evil I
21-(X)Resident Evil 2
22-(X)The Wedding Singer
23-( )Little Black Book
24-(X)The Village
25-(X)Donnie Darko
26-(X)Lilo & Stitch
27-(X)Finding Nemo
28-(X)Finding Neverland
29-(X)13 Ghosts
31-(X )The Grinch
32-( )Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OLD)
33-( )White Chicks
34-(X)Butterfly Effect
35-( )Thirteen going on 30
36-(X)I Robot
37-(X)Dodge ball
38-( )Universal Soldier
39-(X)Lemony Snickets, A Series Of Unfortunate Events
40-( )Along Came A Spider
41-( )Deep impact
42-( )KingPin
43-(X)Never Been Kissed
44-(X)Meet The Parents
45-(X)Meet The Fockers
46-(X)Eight Crazy Nights
47-( )A Cinderella Story
48-(X)The Terminal
49-( )The Lizzie McGuire Movie
50-(X)Dumb & Dumber
51-( )Dumb & Dumberer
52-(X)Final Destination
53-(X)Final Destination 2
55-(X)The Ring
56-( )The Ring 2
57-( )Harold & Kumar
58-(X)Practical Magic
60-(X)Ghost Ship
61-(X)From Hell
63-(X)Secret Window
64-( )I Am Sam
65-(X)The Whole Nine Yards
66-(X)The Whole Ten Yards
67-( )The Day After Tomorrow
68-( )Child's Play
69-( )Bride of Chucky
70-( )Ten Things I Hate About You
71-( )Just Married
73-(X)A Nightmare On Elm Street [I saw one of them, I can't remember which one O_o]
74-( )Sixteen Candles
75-(X)Bad Boys 2 [What about Bad Boys 1?]
76-(X)Joy Ride
78-( )Oceans Eleven (OLD ONLY) [NEW ONLY XD]
79-( )Oceans Twelve
81-( )Lone Star
83-(X)Predator I
84-(X)Predator II
85-(X)Independence Day
86-( )Cujo
87-( )A Bronx Tale
88-(X)Darkness Falls
89-( )Christine
91-( )Children of the Corn
92-( )My boss' daughter
93-(X)Maid in Manhattan
95-( )Best bet
96-( )How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
97-( )She's All That
98-( )Calendar Girls
100-(X)Mars Attacks
101-(X)Event Horizon
102-(X)Ever after
103-(X)Forrest Gump
104-(X)Big Trouble in Little China
105-(X)X-men 1
106-(X)X-men 2
107-(X)Jeepers Creepers
108-(X)Jeepers Creepers 2
109-(X)Catch Me If You Can
110-(X)The Others
111-(X)Freaky Friday
112-(X)Reign of Fire
113-( )Cruel Intentions
114-(X)The Hot Chick
115-( )Swimfan
116-( )Miracle
117-( )Old School
118-( )Ray
119-( )The Notebook
121-(X)Lord Of The Ring: The Fellowship of The Ring
122-(X)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
123-(X)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
124-(X)A Walk to Remember
125-( )Boogeyman
126-( )Hitch
127-(X)Edward Scissorhands
128-(X)The Fifth Element
129-(X)Star wars episode I
130-(X) Star wars episode II
131-(X)Star wars episode IV
132-(X)Star wars episode V
133-(X)Star wars episode VI
134-( )Troop Beverly Hills
135-( )Swimming with Sharks
136-( )Trainspotting [Only saw half ;_;]
137-(X)People under the stairs
138-( )Blue Velvet
139-(X)Sound of music
140-(X)Parent Trap (original)
141-(X)The Burbs
142-( )SLC Punk
143-(X)Meet Joe Black
144-( )Wild girls
145-(X)A Clockwork Orange
146-(X)The Order
148-(X)Spiderman 2
149-( )Amelie
150-( )Mean Girls
152-(X)Shrek 2
153-(X)The Incredibles
154-( )Collateral
155-( )The Fast & the Furious
156-( )2 Fast 2 Furious
157-( )Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow [Missed the ending ;_;!]
158-( )Closer
159-(X)The Sixth Sense
160-( )Artificial intelligence
161-( )Love Actually
162-( )Shutter
163-( )Ella Enchanted
164-( )Princess diaries 1
165-( )Princess diaries 2
166-( )The Graduate
168-( )Million Dollar Baby
170-( )hackers
171-( )Pink Floyd's 'THE WALL'
172-( )Sgt Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band( Alice Cooper and Aerosmith)
172-(X)Parent Trap(new one)
173-(X)Monsters Inc
174-(X)Dracula, Dead and loving it
175-( )Dazed and Confused
176-(X)Pirates of the Carribbean
177-(X)Super Troopers
178-(X)Starship troopers
179-( )Garden State
180-( )Anchorman
181-(X)Legally Blonde
182-( )Legally Blonde, Red, white and blonde
184-(X)Amityville Horror(old)
185-(X)Empire Records
186-( )Showgirls
187-( )Girl Interrupted
188-( )The Green Mile
189-(X)The Stepford Wives(?old or new) [New]
190-( )Spun
191-( )GIA
192-(X)Homeward Bound 1
193-(X)XXX (vin disel)
194-( )Freeway
196-(X)Ferris Buellers Day Off
197-( )Fast Times At Ridgemont high
198-(X)Adventures in babysitting
199-(X)Patch Adams
200-( )Sweet November
201-(X)The Nightmare Before Christmas
202-( )The Fly (both old and new) [Only bits and pieces]
203-(X)Ed Wood
205-(X)Batman Returns
206-(X)Big Fish
209-( )Forbidden Zone
210-(X)Pee-wee's Big Adventure
212-(X)Planet of the Apes
213-(X)Sleepy Hollow

128 out of 213. Such a whore XD.

Dude, I've been tagged! [hugs melarocco]
1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video: At last count, 80 DVDs, 103 VHS. But I've since bought at least 14 DVDs (mostly box sets) and 9 VHS, possibly more, and I've got 6 or 7 at work waiting for our 30% off 'Employee Appreciation' days.

2) The last film I bought: Gundam Wing complete box set that's on its way. It looks like an official release, though what country it's from, I have no clue yet ^_^;;;

3) The last film I watched: Watching Reefer Madness (complete with Mike Nelson commentary) right now.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: How can I POSSIBLY pick just 5?! Uh... Equilibrium, Ju-on (my favorite scary movie), Jurassic Park (one of my first major obsessions, and tops my chart of theater-viewings at a whopping 6 times), Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (perfection!), CLUE (one of my all-time favorite comedies, and the beginning of my love affair with Tim Curry XD). Edit: How the hell did I forget Lilo and Stitch?!

- I'm horrible. I keep saying I'll post more, and yet I never do. So as not to lie to you all anymore, I'll just be posting whenever I can. Better that you guys randomly see me around than if you're waiting and waiting for a post that never comes. ;_;

- My rat, Kitty, has a tumor. A very large, probably malignant tumor. There doesn't really seem to be anything we can do. Surgery may not save her, and would cost far too much. Euthanasia is expensive, and Bridgie doesn't want to go that route yet. Neither of us has the heart to put Kitty out of her misery, especially as she currently doesn't seem too bothered by it, but soon she could be suffering. Not sure what we're going to do yet. I'm not too broken up; rats don't live too long anyway, and she was more Bridgie's than she ever was mine. Still, it's saddening. And poor Nani, she'll be crushed when her companion/ratty lesbian lover leaves her. ;_;

- Margaret Cho's latest tour is un-fucking-believable. Bridgie took me for my birfday and it was FABULOUS. The Wiltern, first of all, is a beautiful theater. Lots of opulent decorations, gold and glitz galore! Secondly, I have never seen so many happy gay people in my life :D. The place was positively crawling with us. Hee. We arrived at the Wiltern way early, and had time to go get some nummies at a Denny's on the corner. To do so, we had to brave the lovely wind-tunnel effect the street had going on. Poor Bridgie had to pick that day to wear her new dress, of course. After the meal (which consisted of dessert and hot chocolate, seeing as how we planned on dinner at Chili's after the show) we fought the wind again and made our way back to the theater. While waiting outside, some girl walking down the street asked if we were seeing Margaret Cho, and told us what a wonderful show we were in for before continuing on her way. Random!

The show started with a really awesome belly-dancer, then Margaret's friend whose name escapes me. I wasn't too impressed with him on her last DVD, but he was hilarious that night. Then, Margaret herself. For the next hour+, I literally did NOT stop laughing. Aside from 'I'm the One That I Want' her past DVDs have been a bit so-so, but she was at the top of her game this time. She hit everything gay, straight, and in between, and threw in a few frighteningly good impersonations of Bjork and Zhang Ziyi. Priceless.

- I just found out that Neil Gaiman is signing for Anansi Boys in Los Angeles, on or after September 20th. NEIL GAIMAN. Bridgie, babeeeeeeeh....

- I also just randomly decided to try putting in one of the 2G plugs that my co-worker Aaron gave me when he didn't want plugs anymore. They went right in! I barely had to force them, even the right ear (which always gives me problems). I guess plugs stretch your ears better than pincers after all. I'm not sure how high I wanna go least 0s. But it'll be another six months before I have to worry about that :D I'm gonna keep wearing a pair similar to these (scroll to the bottom, the red ones), but I also have these that I'm waiting for.

- OMG Grandpa's Marijuana Handbook: The Movie is hilarious XD

- mp3 players are wonderful things. I'm quite in lust with my little 30G beauty. Just a few more CDs and a couple hundred more downloads and my entire collection will be on there, with room to spare. No more dragging my CD player and CDs around. No more trying to decide what CDs I want to take so as not to carry around a 200 piece collection. I put that little baby on shuffle and it's like having a radio station that never plays a song I hate, and never bores me with commercials. <3

- Work But I don't feel like talking about it now :D. Being a manager is haaaaard.

- 'Reefer Madness: The Musical' has GOT to come out on DVD. And I will buy it. Oh yes.

- No more paid LJ. Pooty. XP

- I've got a new email address ( ) and I'm getting rid of my Juno address within the next month or so. Not that Juno wasn't wonderful, because it was. But spending $10 a month for an email address that isn't as good as gmail just isn't worth it. Anyone who still wants me in their contacts should probably update accordingly XD. Also, I'm updating my contacts. Everyone, pleeease send me all your current email addresses, snail mail addresses, phone numbers, anything else you don't mind me having. Fill up my new inbox a little bit, m'kay?

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