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My babeh = <3

I have new layout, and it is glorious. It's part of my Valentine's present, along with a beautiful Bart Fatima pic, and OMFG TICKETS TO SEE MARGARET CHO AT THE WILTERN JUST BEFORE MY BIRFDAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! And all I managed to get her was a couple doujinshi and something that hasn't arrived yet. I feel so inadequate XD. Much loves for my babeh though! You are my life, you are the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and I love you more than anything. [blows kisses]

Bridgie also gave me a new fandom for Valentine's Day XD. I'm at the beginning of the second disc of Xenogears, and all I can say is that fic shall probably be forthcoming, once I'm finished with the game. I share Bridgie's love of Bart/Billy, but so far (and from the moment Bart first showed up, almost) my OTP has got to be Bart/Fei. Theirloveissoignoringallothers! If we have time I'm gonna do at least one icon tonight, but I'm not sure which one I'll be willing to give up to use it ;_;. Hmm...must match color theme....

Other great things have happened lately. I got some ridiculously good deals on movies at work. I love our PRP (Previously Rented Product), so very much. Here's what I picked up in just the last three or four weeks:

Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail-Special Edition Two Disc Set = $10
Pink Panther Movie Collection, containing every Pink Panther movie and a bonus disc = $10
Jersey Girl DVD = $10
Bill Cosby, Himself VHS for Bridgie = $5
Come Undone VHS = $5
Aimee and Jaguar VHS = $5
Adventures of Felix VHS =$5
Blue Velvet VHS = $5
Mulholland Dr. VHS = $5
Monty Python's Life of Brian VHS = $5
Ed Wood VHS =$5
Clockwork Orange VHS = $5

Oh, and all those VHS were buy 2, get 1 free, so I actually only paid $25. :) I'm also thinking of buying the entire series of Battlestar Galactica for $10, because it's supposed to be really good and a key piece of sci-fi history and all.

In other news, I had really good news on the bill front. I've been trying to pay off a bill from when I was young and first got a credit card. I got a Discover card, and proceeded to do what a lot of young people do when they get credit cards - charge shit without paying it back. Well, since my VISA bill is my top priority, I've just been putting $20 on the Discover here, $20 there, for several years now. The bill was up to $400 something because of interest, but yesterday I received a letter in the mail from the collection agency, saying that it was down to $270 BUT... if I was willing to pay it all off now, they'd knock it down by HALF. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance, so now the one blemish on my credit is about to be wiped off, and hopefully soon I'll be able to build my way back up to decent credit. YAY!

Another good thing that happened is I finally buckled down and got a new cellphone. And oh, I do love my new phone. For starting up another year of service from T-Mobile (who I highly recommend, btw) I got that phone for only $20, and I get 300 text messages (namely, AIM, MSN, and YAHOO INSTANT MESSAGES) for only $3 a month. And now, with the lovely QWERTY keyboard on it, text messaging isn't a pain in the ass. I'll probably set up a new SN tonight to use just for instant messages from the phone, and hopefully I'll be able to catch more people when I'm on break at work and stuff!

I am very happy right now. Can you tell? :)!!!! [random Bridgie smooches]

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