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Sex on stage!

AH HAVE NEW KEYBOARD! We went to KMart and I bought a cheapo little black one for $15, mouse included :D We also got new pruses, that we're going to paint stuffs on. Mine's one of those cute cylinder purses, black with sky blue trim perfect for accenting Kurt and Stitch! And Bridgie's gonna have Cheshire Cat on hers, to match her new iPod case that's masquerading as a cell phone holder.

Speaking of masquerade, my babeh took me to see Phantom last night. I loved it :D. The sets, the costumes, the filters and cinematography were absolutely beautiful. And I really didn't hate anybody in their roles, though I don't think anyone will replace Michael Crawford as Phantom for me. Ever. But Butler didn't do a bad job at all. I just thought he was missing some of the tenderness and vulnerability of Crawford. ...Not to mention he was too young, and far FAR too pretty. I wasn't really comfortable with him until the damn mask was ripped off at the end, and even then he wasn't nearly ugly enough XD. I also spent too much time wondering about the lyrics they changed. I mean, I could understand having to cut a few things for time, or references that mainstream audiences wouldn't get or whatever, but whenever I noticed they'd changed something it was usually just a few simple words. What's the point? O_o Oh, but after having seen it I actually get the 'Dread Pirate Roberts Dancing Corp' reference from the 'Phantom in 15 Minutes' thing, and was amused XD. And my favorite song, Point of No Return, became sex with clothes on, on stage, before an audience of the richest and most influential people in Paris.Songasm.  Which is just greatness on so many levels. And I still don't like Raoul enough to want Phantom/Raoul slash, but I couldn't help but squee when Erik tied him up to that grate, guh. Oh, and Meg wanted Christine so badly in the beginning. Meg was absolutely adorable. And I LOVED Carlotta, she was such a hideous diva bitch, with those clothes and that makeup and that dog, OMG she was wonderful! It gave me a whole new appreciation for 'Prima Donna'. And the masquerade was awesome, and Meg was really hot at the end, and Erik's Red Death costume was guh, and yeah, I really did love the movie, and will most definitely own it when it comes to DVD.

We got Coldstone ice cream again tonight. Have I mentioned yet that Cherry Cake Double Take is my ambrosia?! Now we are going to try to hook Snappy up again so Bridgie can get screengrabs from Alice in Wonderland, then we're gonna try to play some more Xenogears (I <3 Bart) before the new Apprentice that I didn't know about until just an hour ago comes on. But babeh has to go to sleep early tonight ;_;. So hopefully I will be on later, after she's asleep, to do all the things I'm supposed to be doing (I'll read the fic tonight Mel, I swear ^_^;;;) without neglecting my babeh. Maybe I'll catch you all then? <3<3<3

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