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And it's been awhile...

Firstly, let me just say that The Village was HIGHLY enjoyable, I loved the three main characters, and the cinematography was absolutely gorgeous. That scene where Lucius and Ivy were on the porch, backlit by swirling mist...mmmmmm... And that I'm wondering if the advertised Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie coming this summer will be any good.

Secondly, I know I've been doing this far too much, but I want to apologize again for being MIA. The holidays truely ate my soul, like I had never dreamed they could. My personal record, once I bothered to stop and think 'Wait a tick, it's been a long time since I actually sat down for more than five minutes' was nine days in a row of working minimum/just over minimum wage. Nine days which would've been thirteen if I hadn't called in sick that Monday, and some of which probably involved shifts at both jobs. Not that I'm complaining (much) as it allowed me to at least get SOMETHING for most of the people on my list. Some of you will still be receiving Holiday cards or gifts...about February :D Finding out I wasn't paid overtime for Christmas Eve was a bit of a kick in the pants, but at least I got about $50 extra from New Years Eve. I quit Jo-Ann as soon as Christmas was over, though, because I did not like them anymore :)

Big, wonderful news on the job front though, especially good now that we're not swamped and I can actually THINK while I'm working (I swear, we didn't stop being OMFGBUSY until MONDAY!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!!) After almost three years at Blockbuster Video, I am FINALLY in training to become a shift-leader/Manager on Duty type person. Meaning more responsibilities, power over my co-workers, and a RAISE! FUCK YEAH!!! I'm already pretty decent on closing duties, though the opening paperwork's going to be a bitch to learn. And I'm working on the leadership aspects of being shift-leader. I think things will go pretty well ^_^.

In other news, I've seen Snoop-Dogg come into my store twice since I started there. Apparently he lives in The Country, one of the areas of massive mansions you can see on the hills above us, and comes into our store at least once a month. The times I saw him, he was with his daughters (?) and three big burly guys who stationed themselves at the checkout counter, entrance, and game section where he was buying a buttload of games :D. Both times it was busy, but only a few people approached him for autographs/pictures/etc.  My first celebrity sighting. Whee ^_^

Hm, what else is there to report.... I'll give a rundown of my Christmas horde later. Bridgie loved the blanker I sewed for her, which made me much teh happy. I was so worried she wouldn't like it ^_^;;;

I have to get up in five hours for another lovely shift, so I'm gonna wind it down here. A few more things.

Sex is good.

Spearmint Rhino Superstore will be getting a visit from us soon :D

After spending insane amounts of money on the people I love, I thought it wise to spend some on myself. Therefore, I shall be checking out a local tattoo parlor or two to get quotes for a very special design I'll be getting. The design will be secret until I get it, though. MWAHAHA.

Bridgie and I got Ignition dance pads. Which came with a lovely little bonus of ENGRISH on the instructions...


Thanks for purchasing our product. This product is made for dancing and health-care. Please read the instruction carefully before using and please follow the steps properly and remember to take good care of this instruction.


* Forbidden to use this product if your feet are seriously injured. Stop immediately if there is abnormal phenomenon in your foot, waist and back when using it.
*Please take off your shoes when using this product; don't wear a smooth sock, do not stack up other things around you, keep far away from walls and windows, find somewhere roomy to play..

*There is maybe have some white powder on the surface of the product, please wipe off by a piece of soft, clean cloth.
*Make sure to pave the cushion.
*Don not put it near the furniture and other odds and ends.
*Young children must be guided to use it or need parents and teachers to accompany, in case to be tumbled by it.
*High technology product, do not apart, separate, or fix it anyway. Or the damage can not be guaranteed.
*Do not keep it in the quite high or low temperature environment, especially far away from fireplace.
*If this product can't work well, please connect with your supplier directly.
*This product is mad for indoor games only. Do not use it outdoors or in other occasion.
*Please shut off  the power before removing this product.
*Please put it on a flat floor, but not too smooth.
*Do not wear shard shoes when using it, that may cause damage to the product.
*When using this product, pay attention to keep your feet safety..
*Strong jump or shake may cause influence to the video and audio output.
*Please do not jump strongly, that may bring troubles to the other person.'

Beautiful, isn't it? I especially like the thing about 'bring troubles', and 'in case to be tumbled by it'. [grin]

We've come up with some highly disturbing pairings lately that I can't believe don't have good fics anywhere. From Family Guy, Brian/Stewie (OMG inter-species pedophilic bestiality kink!) is so fucking canon. Anyone who thinks otherwise must watch 'The Road to Rhode Island', followed by another viewing with the commentary from 'The Freakin' Sweet Collection'. Treasure Planet's Jim Hawkins/ Long John Silver, though it's adorable as a father/son relationship too. Bender/Fry (They are SUCH a couple, whether they know it or not). Of course Jumba/Pleakley, but that's gaining much popularity. Oh, and she's put it into my insane head to write an Amanda/Kurt/Todd fic. It's so horrible, it can't be passed up. May God have mercy on my soul XD.

Part of being on LJ is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first meeting you.

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