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Gimme ur birfdays!!!

[curses the spotty workings of her keyboard]

Mayumi's latest post reminded me that I have an account here, an account that's actually still active. As most of you probably know, I have one of the worst memories in human existence, especially when it comes to birthdays and holidays. So if you guys could go here really quick and just enter in your birfdays for me, I'd very much appreciate it ^_^

My store's assistant manager is both evil and wonderful. He calls me tonight, convincing me that, though I was sure I wasn't scheduled till 1 tonight, I was actually late and was supposed to be in at 11 for inventory. My heart sank and I sputtered for a few seconds...then he told me he was joking and that inventory (which would've probably lasted from 1am to 7am) was pushed back to next week. So, while next week's gonna suck arse (six shifts in five days, with one being 8pm to inventory close) the rest of this week will be blissfully easy, and I'll get to go get our Christmas tree tomorrow morning. I also asked about the possibilities of getting a full four to five days if I quit JoAnn's after the holiday season, so that's probably what's gonna happen. It'll be nice to not have to juggle two separate job schedules. XP

Now I'm off to enjoy my free night! W00t! Wasting internet time reading Remus/Sirius fic and, more importantly, spending time with my babeh and Manda ^_^


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