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Jumping on the bandwagon again!

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.

My journal is called Dominating Crimson because I'm a wannabe dominatrix whose favorite color happens to be crimson? XD See below.
My subtitle isPerverted and Proud! because I AM perverted, in that gleeful, loving life and living for love (and lust) kind of way, and I'm not afraid to admit it. There's nothing wrong with taking pleasure in the beauty of the human body and its many versatile uses, heh.
My friends page is called 'The few, the proud, the obsessives' because I couldn't think of anything more clever XD
My username is Crimson Obsession because ,'s kinda obvious, isn't it? XD As for where THAT name came from, Crimson hearkens back to my first days of internet access, when I happened to be obsessed with Humberto Ramos's Crimson. My username back then was bobomaniac (bobo being what Joe called Alex, 'stupid' XD) and I figured I should keep the tradition when it was time for a change. And Obsession, well...duh.
My default userpic is my beloved Pete Wisdom one because first, it's one of my favorites of the icons I've made, and second, Pete was (aside from Kurt of course) my absolute favorite character in X-Men. Still is. Damn, was I obsessed with him, and the two of them together made for perhaps one of my favorite comic book experiences. And maybe a little bit of it due to his obscurity. Sure, there are people who still remember him, but there don't seem to be many, and half of those hate him with a vengeance. He always was able to draw passionate emotions from people, and those who knew him either loved him or hated him. But as I said, not many people seem to remember him. And when I do, it seems a little special.

I edited my Christmas list today, and put more cheap things on there. Yay for cool cheap stuff!

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