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In other news, we got our copies of The Terminal in at work yesterday, but not our copies of Harry Potter 3. Fux0rs. Another whole 6 days to wait. XP

Mouse fixed teh internet :3. I work on my site tonight, since my poor babeh's not feeling well and is sleeping. Bry, we probably won't be playing Maple Story tonight, but there's a chance she could wake up in a few hours feeling better, so we'll see.

I was such a good girl today. I went to Best Buy (hence Zim Vol 3) because it was right next to the Costco I went to with Bridgie's sis. I got Tim's birfday present, a Christmas present for a special someone (heh), and the Zim DVD. And I walked into the CD section, because I am weak, and there they were...50 million copies of 'Muse - Absolution'. And I wanted one so badly. And then I walked on, and I saw more...a dozen copies of the Shrek 2 OST (apparently 'Holding Out for a Hero' was sung by Jennifer Saunders. My bad :D.) And I was sorely tempted. It took all the willpower I had to walk out without buying at least one. But I'm gonna go on record as saying if someone doesn't buy me one for Christmas, come the next day I'll be bugging Bridgie to drive me to a Best Buy XD. Tunes are so sorely needed OMG!!


[grabs walkman and pops in one of the Halloween CDs she's barely listened to]

I'm getting only four days next week. A little less money, but I can definitely use the break. But we're having a BBV store meeting next Saturday...just like we did last Saturday. What the crap O_o? No meetings the entire time I've been there, and all of a sudden 2 in one month? Oooookay.

On the matter of ficcage, I'm desperate to attempt a large, involved, LONG fic (a la Beaubier ^_~). Todd/Kurt of course, but this time I want to work on involving more characters, drawing out their friendship and eventual relationship liek whoa, and putting in a ton of PLOT. I think I really NEED to do this. When I looked back at the fics I've written, with the exception of the Betrayal Series, I realized that I exercise my skills of storytelling and plotting VERY little, if at all -_-;;;. I think I'm getting a pretty good grip on descriptive writing and emotion, but I'm not really telling stories so much as showing little snippets of them, snapshots of action and feeling. Which is okay sometimes, but when it's ALL you do, well...

So, I'm asking you guys for help. I want some REAL constructive criticism, right here, right now. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Anything I'm not doing enough of? Anything I'm doing right? Anything I need more work on? Any characterization skills I'm sorely lacking in? I'd also like tips from people who are far more used to writing larger stuff, and telling more of a story (cough*Beaubier*cough). How do you keep things interesting over such a long stretch of events? How do you know which events to keep, and which to focus on? How in the hell do you manage to juggle so many characters? And keep them IC?

I know I want to be a writer. Hopefully one who can make some money and maybe gain just a touch of fame (or infamy) in the deal. And you guys seem to like my fanfics okay, right? But would people still read if I was writing about my own characters, and my own plots? And a writer CAN'T improve without constructive feedback. So please guys, help me out here ^_^;;;. Tell me whatever you want to, no holds barred, and I'll try to absorb it and use it and write stuff that's much better. I promise.

Okay. Time to work on my website. <3<3<3

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