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In other's a Christmas list!

While I'm fully aware that I'm not getting most of these, the expensive stuff is mostly a reference to remind myself of what I want to waste money on when I actually have it. Stars indicate the stuff I want most.

CD: Muse - Absolution***
CD: Muse - Showbiz*
CD: Nick Cave - Murder Ballads***
CD: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
CD: Shrek 2 Original Soundtrack***
CD: Cake - Pressure Chief
CD: Queen of the Damned Original Soundtrack [Parental Advisory edition]
CD: Strongbad Sings!***

Video Game: PS2 - Silent Hill 3
Video Game: PS2 - Fatal Frame 1 or 2

DVD: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1
DVD: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 2
DVD: Sealab 2021 Vol. 1*
DVD: Space Ghost-Coast 2 Coast Vol. 2***
DVD: Invader ZIM Vol. 3 - Horrible Holiday Cheer!!!!*************** Though, truth be told, I'm not waiting for anyone to buy this for me. I'll probably pick it up first day. I see lots of other Zim things listed at Amazon too, does anyone know if they'll be selling the BOX from the box set, for people who already have the DVDs? [Edit] Bought it, thankya veddy much ^_^
DVD: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Widescreen Edition***
DVD: Spider-Man 2, Widescreen Edition*
DVD: Disney's Gargoyles - Season 1
DVD: strongbad_email.exe***

CD: The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection CD [Unabridged] Narrated by Neil Gaiman OMGISOWANTTHIS!!!***
Book: Neil Gaiman - Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions
Book: Neil Gaiman - Death: The High Cost of Living*
Book: Neil Gaiman - American Gods
Book: Neil Gaiman - Sandman: Endless Nights
Book: ANY Sandman book, aside from 'The Wake' and 'Season of Mists'
Book: Neil Gaiman - Violent Cases
Book: Basically ANYTHING by Neil Gaiman, aside from Stardust*
Book: Roman Dirge - Something at the Window is Scratching*
Book: David Punter and Glennis Byron - The Gothic (Blackwell Guides to Literature)
Book: Neil Gaiman et al - Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers A MUST HAVE!!!!******************

Gift Certificate: To
Gift Certificate: To Sephora, for I have no good makeup, and I feel badly when we spend an hour browsing and painting our faces and we only end up buying ten bucks worth of makeup.
Gift Certificate: To a tattoo parlor O_o. I desperately need a fix. XD
Gift Certificate: To Hot Topic. Always appreciated. My knee high boots died and I am in need of another pair ;_;. Not to mention plugs...*
Gift Certificate: To Jo-Ann Crafts and Fabrics ^_^;;;. I have very, VERY little in the way of sewing products and there's a lot I need.*
Gift Certificate: To a good tattoo parlor. Yes, I've been informed some of them do sell gift certificates XD

These boots are TEH SEX!!!
Boots: I WANT THESE.***
Boots: GUH.************* A girl can dream, can't she?

Sticker: I Speak Parseltongue
Patch: GIR's suck monkey
T-shirt: Zim screaming, long sleeved*
Vinyl Disc: Invader Zim Limited Edition*
Kevin Smith Merchandise: Basically, anything from View Askew's store, including the quote bumper stickers (What's a nubian? XD), the different movies' pin sets (If you plan to shoplift, let us know. Thanks.), and the Silent Bob Brotherhood of Dealers Union card.

That's about it, I think. If I think of anything else, I'll post a revised list or something, so mom, keep checking my journal XD. Oh, and for t-shirts I wear small (boy cut shirts) or medium (tanks and baby doll cuts) usually, in shoes I wear size 5 mens, size 5,6, or 7 womens, depending on the width (I have wide feet) and type of shoe. O_o

[Edited: 11/18] Added a few items I'd forgotten about :)

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