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OMG I'm not dead!

Been a while, huh? That's what working two jobs will do to you >.<. Sorry I've been so absent lately, guys. What little time I have off, I want to spend with my babeh, which leaves very little time for anything else. I'm hoping I can get back into stuff here, once I get into the swing of working extra like this. Until then, I humbly ask that you guys bear with me, and forgive my slacking.

In other news, I was very obviously disappointed in the election. Moreso because I didn't even get to vote. Yes, while Bridgie received her registration confirmation two or three days ahead of the deadline, I got mine the DAY OF, and just to make absolutely sure I didn't get it sent off, it was torn to pieces. Even the little box for my signature was gone, leaving me with nothing to send in. So the first time I actually want to vote, I can't. Whoopee. That being said, I was voting for Kerry, for far too many reasons to count. Mostly, if anyone is interested, for the fact that he's not as avidly against homosexuality and gung-ho about rescinding gay people's inalienable rights, he's not likely to destroy our environment, and he realizes full well that the rest of the world HATES OUR GUTS, justifiably so, and wants to do what he can to fix that.

This election also made me realize that there are two things that very much need to go. One, the electoral college. Two, the bipartisan system. Republicans, Democrats, the terms shouldn't even exist. The only things the parties do are divide people further, and induce people to vote by party rather than by ISSUES. So much of this country votes solely on who's in their party, making it impossible for smaller parties to get anywhere and allowing people to get by on name alone. It's sickening.

This country is going to hell. And it's not because we've 'turned our backs on God'. No, it's because we continue to cling to a skewed perception of a religion that, not only is held by just a portion of our population, but also alienates the rest of the population, when wielded in the manner it has been. This country was founded on the principles drawn from Christianity, yes. But the greatest and most crucial of those was TOLERANCE. Our founders left their homes to escape the kind of persecution that's still being inflicted upon so much of this country's populace.

When did the edicts of democracy change? When did voting for your country's leader become voting for whichever candidate you hope won't screw you over too much? Why are we reduced to waiting for 'the next time', wishing in vain that someday one of our candidates will actually have the country, the WHOLE country's needs at heart? What happened to every vote counts, and why do I have to choose between two equally dangerous puppets which are always the spitting image of those that came before?

Democracy can work, but this sure as hell isn't how it's supposed to go down. The way I see it, we have two options. Do what we can to get a worthy person running (JON STEWART FOR PRESIDENT, 2008!!!!!!) or move. All those in favor of heading to Canada, please feel free to join me in flipping Bush off and making a break for the border.

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