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I found it!! - Dead Ringers Slash. MWAHAHAHAHA!! [evil] Anyone who hasn't seen Dead Ringers MUST. It's beautiful, it's probably one of the most fucked up movies you'll ever see, and its got a double dose of Jeremy Irons. What's not to love? Mmmm, Cronenberg.... - Because you KNEW it had to exist, a group dedicated solely to Jumba/Pleakley slash. Who didn't see this one coming? Bridgie and I have been watching Lilo and Stitch every night for the past few weeks, and are being drawn into it more and more (could this be another fandom on the horizon? :O) And really, Pleakley and Jumba are just too obvious. I mean, I SWEAR the creative team is actually TRYING to put the idea forth. It's not even subtext, it's right there in stark, vibrant color, topped off with endearments and touching. The episode with Angel, for example... While Angel is the very definition of a Mary Sue (no joking here, she follows EVERY major Sue stereotype to a tee. Leave Stitch be, damnit! If he belongs with anyone it's 625!! Who of course needs comforting over the fact that Gantu doesn't love him. Watch the show and tell me 625 doesn't act like a lovesick puppy every time Gantu's a bitch to him!) that episode was just too adorably slashy. At the end Pleakley, who's been documenting Stitch's pursuit of Angel for a TV show about lovers, laments his video camera getting crushed by Gantu's big feet. Jumba's response? He grabs Pleakley, lifting him into this huge bear-hug, and laughs while saying something to the effect of "You shall just have to begin work on sequel, eh? Aha ha!"

...How much more obvious can they make it? XD

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