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Okay. So I am again an employee of Blockbuster Video. Only this time, my benefits are a lot better. 20% discount instead of 15% (with 30% over the holidays!), free rental on ANYTHING over 21 days old, instead of 30 days/90 on weekends. Free rental of pre-street date movies, meaning I see them before they're actually out. 10 minute breaks added to our lunch/dinner breaks. Still get dental, medical, option for pet insurance I have to look into. Lots of goodness. Oh, and our tattoos no longer have to be covered (tattoo parlor, here I come!) and we can wear black pants and good black shoes instead of the hideous tan khakis and white tennis shoes I was forced to wear before. Happiness. <3

Well Bridgie posted the pics of the shirt she's been working on the past couple days, so I'll post the pics of mine. Well, my pants actually. I've had these pants for a couple years now, always intending to paint something on them, but finally got around to doing it!

Shot 1, (almost) full image. Slightly blurry from the camera :P

Shot 2, close-up. :D The only shading that shows up is the hair ;_;.

Shot 3. ^_^

Our next projects are a couple things for Bridgie's niece Valorie, namely a binder with chibi-Wanda and pants with Pooh, for back-to-school. Then after thaaaaat...
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