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Moving time!!!


1. I have a subdomain!!! Mouse, being the wonderful generous amazing person she is, agreed to host my site. No more pop-ups, no more 'You've reached your 40 MB transfer limit' after moving a few 300KB pictures, no more crap!!! I'm gonna work on it tonight OMGWHEE!!! I'm concentrating on getting everything BUT the galleries up, those galleries are gonna be a bitch. :P

2. We may have a Todd! Mu, need to talk to you, I'll try to catch you online!

3. New plugs!! They hurt a bit still, I just put them in. Next time I'm getting tapered ones though, those go in SO much easier. Wonder if they make size 8 pincers...

4. Bridgie found this site that offers high quality downloads of TV shows that haven't made it to DVD yet. Freakazoid, MST3K eps that aren't on DVD, CARTOON PLANET.... We need DVD-Rs now. No Coast 2 Coast though ;_;. Have to wait for the next volume to come out [sniffle].

On the downside:

I'm a horrible sister. I told my brother I'd call him today but didn't get the chance ;_;.

Bridgie has a headache ;_;_;_;_;

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