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X-Pirates are so much fun.

fuzzy g3ck0: I don't know what Kurt is yet, though. First Mate? Cabin Boy? XD
Mach Sol: I for some reason read "Cabin Boy" as "Cabana Boy"
MachSol: Haha
fuzzy g3ck0: HAHAHAHAA XD. Kurt the Cabana Boy.
fuzzy g3ck0: ...Mmmm. Kurt the Cabana Boy.
MachSol: See, yeah. It's kind of a process
MachSol: I think we've found his calling
fuzzy g3ck0: Ha! Cabana Boy is his calling?
MachSol: Dude, why not? I would SO not complain if it were.
fuzzy g3ck0: Seriously, I don't think we'd get ANY complaints from that XD.
fuzzy g3ck0: ...I keep flashing on 'Cabana Chat' from MadTV XD.
fuzzy g3ck0: Kurt doing the 'dance of the pool boy'. Oh gott. XD
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