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I keep forgetting to mention this...

I HAVE PLUGS!!! After much convincing from Bridgie and Manda [cough] and seeing how cool theirs were, I've decided to start getting plugs. Those right there are the first I've purchased, and I only actually bought those because Bridgie lost her 14s. For a while I'm just gonna keep using her and Manda's old ones, until I reach whatever size I wanna be. Which...I'm not sure yet. I was thinking 6, but nah. Probably 4 at least. Bridgie's are at 6 now and that's really not that big. Ah hell, I'll probably end up at 0 like her XD.

For anyone who might not be familiar with plugs (cough*mom*cough) here a couple articles about stretching.

And dude, plugs are so much more interesting than all the other common body jewelry I've been looking at. Here are some of my favorites from Hot Topic..

I especially love the hematite ones (I've got a thing for hematite) and those black jagged-edged spirals. Kick arse. I've already decided I prefer the sharp ones, like the pincers and the talons.

OMG cat's eye plugs!
If someone wants to buy me the cobalt blue ones, I'll love you forever. <3
Or one of these...
Or these ruby ones, only 9.95! XD
So getting these kinds when I get really large holes.
If only those first ones weren't $50 ;_;
Me want! And at only 8.50!
Okay, these are SO much better than those other cats eye ones...and only $6-9 X3
Me likey. Me likey a lot. And they're only $5. Oh, when I get a job...
OMG RAINBOW!!!! <3<3<3 to RP some more OMG!!

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