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A bit more normalcy...

We had a good night. After a nice swim we sat down to dinner - teriyaki chicken OMGyum. I got a call at the end... Blockbusters called me in for an 7:30 pm O_o. So we spent 15 minutes rifling through my clothes trying to find something presentable. Bridgie made me take off all my necklaces and stuff ;_;. But she did my makeup and keeps telling me I'm pretty. Silly girl. We stopped by Best Buy to get DVD-Rs (OMG the DVD burner works! I'ma burn DVDs now! <3) then got to BBV just in time to do my makeup and still get in about ten minutes early. The assistant manager was there to talk to me. He seems like a nice guy, and he's gonna be in charge of the Game Rush when it starts. They're apparently looking for both regular BBV employees and Game Rush employees, and tomorrow I have a second interview, with the store manager, to talk about both. Wish me luck gang!! Job is needed, BADLY. Money is short, so short :P. I can't help but think of the bad BBV experiences, but... I dunno, maybe I'll ask for just four days a week or something, and I'll be so much less stressed here than I was in Memphis, because my Bridgie is here <3. Mom called me as I was just getting in the store though, so I called her back afterwards and talked to her and Jason for a few minutes. Oh, and we went to Baskin Robbins in celebration of National Ice Cream Day, which is today, you know. I had a brownie sundae with cookies and cream and chocolate fudge ice creams. <3 And we had Twisted Apple Smirnoff with dinner, and I'm gonna have a bottle of Triple Black while we watch Donnie Darko. We're such lushes, whee!

Yesterday we went to the Spearmint Rhino shop. It was lame though, just a bunch of porn and no good novelties or bondage gear. I wanted some leather wrist cuffs ;_;. We tried to find a couple other stores nearby through Yahoo, but they were all closed. If anyone knows any good places in LA, help the girls out huh? XD

Oh. I downloaded tons of songs today. <3 our cable modem. Got some KMFDM, Type O Negative, Bad Religion, and Barenaked Ladies. Wow, that last one comes outta left field doesn't it?
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