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I've been feeling better the past couple of days. It's getting easier to forget, to distract myself, and I only really feel like crying when I think about her. Life's going back to normal, somewhat...

We went to the Movieland Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it Or Not today, with lunch at Po-Folks. It's a family tradition, apparently, and it was a ton of fun. Some of the wax figures were downright uncanny, and the Ripley's stuff was even cooler than in the one in Gatlinburg. I bought a lot of souvenirs (bad Tif), including two pretty plastic rainbow bracelets (one for each wrist), two of those plain rings (one of snowflake obsidian and one of a purple tiger's eye-ish stone), and a Ty pillow pal plush, a cute little leopard or jaguar named Sneaky. Only it's not named Sneaky anymore. Bridgie and I decided to name her Omi. And Omi quickly proceeded to attack Valorie and her friend, joined all of us in piliing on one of those car rides that you put a quarter in to make it move, nuzzled people cutely... and humped Bridgie and Manda's arms mercilessly. That's our girl.

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