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Garg!! Foiled again! >:(

What an interesting night. Went to the casino, didn't win a Hummer, spent THREE HOURS listening to 'this should be the last one', 'we're about done', from my stepdad. And we didn't even have to wait for him, we could've just taken the shuttle back to the hotel, which is what we ended up doing, at ONE IN THE DAMN MORNING O_O. I still had to dye my hair, and I wasn't about to go to sleep without spending at least a few minutes of the free room we'd spent all of ten minutes in before going over to the casinos.He could've offered to drop us off at the hotel, then come back and played. Or even told us that he was going to be THREE FUCKING HOURS!!!

Okay, I'm calm.

Plus side, it was Karaoke night at the casino bar!!! And [PSAG!!!] I actually got up and sang O_O. It was scary. I did Wish You Were Here [huggles the song] since that was the only one on the list I knew well enough. I didn't expect any of the crowd to even know the song, but people started going 'whoo!' the second the music started XD. It was an octave or so too low for me, but I think I did okay, except for a few of the 'wish you were here's which I couldn't remember exactly. But when we left right after several people told me how well I did, so yay! ^_^ It's definitely something I could get used to.

While waiting our turns, mom and I met this nice woman with a really good voice, who talked with us and gave us some pointers and such. And some of the karaoke singers were quite good, really playing up to the crowd. Best part of the evening was when someone got up to sing 'Baby Got Back' XD. The guy couldn't sing worth a damn, he's one of those monotone people, but just a few seconds into the song this large black woman got up and started dancing all over the dance floor, shaking her butt all over the place XD. It was hilarious, and then a guy joined her, and THEN another guy joined her, this one dancing really goofily and sandwiching her between him and the other guy. Twas hilarious indeed! I need to find good karaoke bars in Memphis XD.

...I'm so tired XD. [wanders off to catch up on LJs]

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