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It's alive....IT'S ALIVE!!!

OMFG I'm ALIVE!!!! Figured I might as well post something, considering it's been over a month, I'm sure.

So what's new with the Tif-Thing, you ask?  Well, the Tif-Thing is packing (slowly) for her BIG MOVE. The Tif-Thing also saw Max Keeble's Big Move (don't laugh, it has Noel Fisher AKA Todd Tolensky in it as a bully who was traumatized by a giant Scottish frog as a kid and now dresses goth/punk and beats people up <3<3<3) and just returned her last screener from BBV ;_;, JERSEY GIRL! That movie makes me cry lots. Ask Bridgie ^_^. Tif-Thing also watched Ichi the Killer, which is probably the most fucked up thing you will ever see, and Versus which is fucking beautiful. Mmm, hawt asian guys, fantastic martial arts, beautiful costumes, canon slash between psychos, and ZOMBIES!!! (OMG STEVE, ZOMBIES!!) Does it get any better? I also read Ayn Rand's Anthem. <3<3<3 I read it back in hi skool or earlier, but felt like reading it again.

But back to the move. Tif-Thing has plane tickets for Tuesday, the 29th. She will also be switching airlines in the middle, which she has never done before and hopes she doesn't fuck up. She has packed all her DVDs and VHS, save the DVDs she's taking on the plane (Evo, Zim) and the VHS she taped off TV, most of which she's probably leaving in Memphis. Her curios and action figures are also, for the most part, packed, and her CDs and CD-Roms organized and ready to go. Her books are going to be a problem, as she has MANY and they're heavier than DVDs or VHS. And she'll be paying a small fortune in shipping, most likely, but she has money from taxes and money from Rewards drive coming up so yay on that account.

Friday was the Tif-Thing's last day at Blockbuster video. Though she's thinking of applying at the BBV near Bridgie's house, Friday was a very melancholy moment. And she's gonna stop talking in third person so she can get serious for a minute XP.

It feels weird, leaving BBV. That's been like my second home for over 2 years now. In fact, when I first got there LotR: FotR was just about to come out on video... and now that I'm leaving, LotR: RotK just came out on video too. Ironic, ja? Anyway, along with a couple of the old hands, I was the fucking guru when it came to BBV. I knew about as much of it as anyone else, I'd like to think, and while the customers drove me fucking nuts, I LOVED everyone I worked with, except a few that didn't last long anyway. Mikey, you da man. I'm gonna miss you like crazy. Which is appropriate, cause you're rather crazy, in a good way XD. I wish I'd hurried up and watched your awesome movies so I could've seen MORE of them, because I doubt I'll be able to find most of them very easily, or know what to look for. Gimme a list on your LJ or something! But I swear I'm going to find someplace to rent/buy Juong. As for the rest of my co-workers, I'll miss Aimee, who always calls me Tiffy. I'll miss Virak's 'snap' and 'yo' and all the happy innuedo between him and Mikey. <3 I'll miss Kristi's sweet nature and pretty collages (she gave me one as a going away present, aaaaw). I'll miss Joe, and even Paul, in a way, and I'll be forever grateful to them for just giving me the chance. I hope I'll find others to do the same in Diamond Bar. I've already missed Stephie, who was so generous and happy to joke around with us lowly employees, heh, and I'll miss Barry; I'm so glad I'm able to 'leave the store in his hands', as it were. I know it'll do wonderfully under his care, and will finally start getting REALLY good after years of managers trying to clean up the fucking mess the old manager, the one before I arrived, left. I'll miss knowing almost every movie in the fucking store, including where it was, by heart. I'm gonna miss some of the customers. Like Ms. D, who always gave us her promo things like free cokes, brought cookies for us, talked movies and was never anything less than sweet to us. Or Mr. L, who always came in with a newspaper in his hands, never said an unkind word to us, and usually rented indie films. Or Mr. S, who was in the store about five times a week, literally, sometimes twice a day, and was always talkative and friendly. They and my co-workers are the only reasons I'm so sorry to be leaving. And hell, call me a masochist but the fucking morons that walked through our doors every day DID provide amusement on the good days, ie the days I wasn't ready to stab someone in the eye with a spork just for looking at me. Because dear sweet Tallest were they ever stupid. Oh, and I got to do the ONE thing that I wanted to do from the moment I stepped into those doors; watch Zim on the TVs in store. And boy did I ever. I watched those DVDs every day for the past two or three weeks. And of course had to watch those and X-Men: Evo - Xposing the Truth on my last day there.

Hmm, what else is there to say. I'll probably be online less often now, as I really start packing in earnest. Oh, and the reasons I've been so absent the past...month...have been the RP eating my soul (blame the evil, wonderful players we've got <3) and my computer sploding and being at Best Buy for a week. They took that long just to get into my password protected files to back them up before they wiped my whole fucking hard drive, but they ended up not charging me the $100 backup fee because it took so long, and I was under warranty for the rest so yay, free comp fixin's! Not to mention they gave me Winzip and Adaware and Juno and Spybot back. I ended up buying Norton for $30, and just had to reinstall things like my printer, scanner, and LJ client when I got it back, half of which was, thankfully, in my download folder. And I must do without Photoshop for another whole week OMFG ;_;. But now I think it's even better than before, and my babeh will be able to help me keep it clean and maintained and virus-free ^_^

In other news, Saturday I went to my aunt Abie's house, for a going-away party for my cousin Bryant, who's moving to Nashville to go to skool. We swam (for me, it was the first time in...years, probably O_o. And I opened my eyes underwater for the first time, which doesn't seem very impressive but I had some sort of phobia about opening my eyes underwater. Probably wouldn't have hurt so bad if I didn't have my contacts in though XD.) I played pool, and got my ass handed to me by Trey. And I told my aunt about why I was REALLY going to Cali, and got the biggest hug I think she's ever given me <3<3<3. She's my favoritest aunt of all, I knew she'd understand. And she knows not to tell my gran or dad or anyone that might let it get back to them, so it's all good.

This is insanely long so I'll go ahead and quit here. If I get the time and inspiration I'm gonna write Beaubier a happy, probably angst-filled Pete/Kurt Evo fic, and I'd love to dedicate something to Melarocco for his birfday coming up. We'll see what happens, my muses are pretty preoccupied by the happiness, Todd/Kurt and otherwise, going on at the RP. Not sure when I'll post again, but if I don't come back until after I'm in CA, please forgive me and love me anyway because I love you all ^_^

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