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Watch it all just blow away...

Have I mentioned lately how fucking glad I am I (until a few more weeks from now) live in Memphis? I can't tell you all how many times everyone around us has been blown off the face of the earth by tornados that result in millions of dollars of damage and the loss of many lives...And WE never get touched. NEVER. I've probably gone through a hundred of these bloody tornado watches and warnings, and only when I was much younger do I recall it ever actually getting close to us. Like that one time my dad went and stood out on the porch as the wind beat around him and the sirens kept going... Or that time the last day of elementary skool when our testing was interrupted by the orders to get in the halls, where we ended up bent over with our hands covering our heads and our heads facing the wall...

I think those're some of the only times tornados actually touched down near us. It probably has something to do with the bluff; tornados reach the mighty Mississippi and then seem unable to go further. Leaving us safe while all the family and people around us fear for their lives. Well, we've done our fair share of fearing, but nothing ever comes of it. And all we get are beautiful wet streets, glistening under the white and yellow streetlamps, the lights on the houses down the way. And rain pouring so thick all the eye can distinguish are sheets of white and gray, reflecting the light and brightening the night just enough to make you wish it was darker. And the sound, the heavy patterned pounding that's one of the most soothing things you'll ever hear.

I hope California has enough rain.
In other news, I'm sick, and want my sinuses ripped out of my skull. Sadly, Bridgie won't let me do this because she likes my sinuses and doesn't want me to die. Silly girl ^_^.

Last night's inventory actually went really well. We had four people and we all managed to finish pretty quickly. I got stuck scanning the games... 230+ Xbox, 200+ Gcube, 740+ PS2. And when I was done I started working on the Favorites with everyone else, then did a bunch of sell thru (which was fine because they were behind the counter and unlocked). Fuuuun. You can tell I do the games alot, because I forgot to scan the N64 and Playstation games, which were out on the floor, and so had to run out and do those before the second run. I'm a goober XD. We watched Zim (for the fifth time this week), Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (my favorite, though I'm not a huge fan :P), and half of Clerks. And I had Arizona coffee shake and Coke and tiny little circles of beef jerky that come in a vial!

Step*bro Jason gave me going away presents! His bust of Scarlet, to go with my bust of Alex Elder (Crimson*LOVE! Where do you think my SNs came from XD) and the Legacy of Kain: Defiance comic, which has some pretty Raz pics but does the same damn thing the other one or two LoK comics did, ie. just retell the bloody story with bad 'voiceovers'. XP Oh well, pretty Raz. [licks him]

I need to write. I've been unmotivated, lately, except for the RP (which, btw, needs a ROGUE! Go, read what's been done with her so far, apply. You know you want to!) I need ideas, work of my own I can write and to finish Bridgie's birfday fic which I got all the way to the smut on and stopped O_o. It's been so long since I've posted anything to the T/K comm ;_;. And once I'm with my babeh, the time will have come to actually start trying to make something of myself. I know writing's what I want to do, as a goal, and I may even have a way to get some help in it, but I need a 'portfolio', as it were, something to pitch. Babeh, maybe we'll have time to work on the comic!

Wanna be like this to the Blockbuster customers. Like 'Hi, how're you, want some fire today? [BLAM!]'

Must have Homestarruner CD that's out. And the DVD they're planning to release, of the first 100 Strongbad emails. Neeeeeeeeeed. Someone buy for me kplezthx. ^_^

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