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You are Cerol Haye. You're a genetic freak with
some damn scary eyes and an amazing gift, even
though you see it more as a curse. You are
quiet and empathic, prefering to stay behind
the scenes, away from bad emotions. You need
to learn to trust your friends more. They will
always be there for you, no matter what you
have foreseen.

Which West Jihi Mechanic are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ever seen someone snort Pop Rocks? Tis the funniest thing in the world XD. I loved working the night shifts...when we weren't being attacked or shoplifted from, at least. Mm, I'll miss those night shifts...

ZIM WAS ON!! YES!!!! [dances]

  • (no subject)

    RP LOVE MEME I absolutely failed on everything tonight, but I'm hoping I can be forgiven since I was up till 3a last night I suck

  • Meme whut?

    ♥ IC♥ ANON♥ MEME♥

  • Because I'm a sheep...

    THE ♥ 「OTP」 ♥ MEME (redux)

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