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Tomorrow I get to wake up, go to work, ride down to Tunica with mom, spend the night watching her gamble, go to our hotel room and redye my hair (my hair goes blackblackblackblackBROWN), then sleep at some point so that I can wake up at least an hour earlier than usual and ride all the way back to Memphis to get to work at 9 in the morning. O_O I'm killing myself, I swear I am.

I may take my computer with me...having it down there makes me nervous because I can't carry it in with me and I don't trust to leaving it in the car or hotel room. Guess I could take my lock and lock it to some furniture in the hotel or something...If I take it I'll probably be online for at least a few minutes tomorrow. If not, I'll see everyone on Friday!

Just saw Daredevil again. It's either the third or fourth time now. Sang through all the Evanescence parts, MSTed through all the rest, good-natured ribbing ^_^. I love that movie! Better than Spider-Man, it is.

Okay, I'm losing the battle. Bridgie, I want to stay up for you but with the Tunica thing I don't know how much sleep I'll be getting in the next few days O_o. I must get some now, while I still can. I'M SORRY!!! [GLOMP HUGGLE!!!] I'll hopefully see you tomorrow, and if not then Friday night!!! [one last GLOMP!!!] Night!

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