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Okay, so I'm looking through 'Video Store' magazine the other day at work, as there was absolutely nothing to do (I mean literally NOTHING, not 'stuff that could be done but it's not majorly important so I'll leave it for later'). 'Video Store' magazine is a sort of preview mag, sent out to rental places and such, describing upcoming DVD and VHS releases, talking about rental and box office numbers, that sort of thing. I was mainlyreading it out of boredom, because not many releases are coming up that I'm all that excited about... But what should my wondering eyes find, but THIS ad for the BEST DVD RELEASE EVAAAAAAH!!! We have ZIMMAGE!! Now, keep in mind that this is a mag that's over 11"x14" in size, and that this was a FULL PAGE AD. It was so freaking big, it didn't even fit in my freaking 11x14 scanner!! The ad touts the exclusive Jhonen-designed cover on the first DVD, the 9 half-hour episodes (225 minutes of pure Zimmy goodness OMG!!!) that it's packed with extras and shall be titled 'Doom Doom Doom'.

Needless to say I've already ordered my copy from work, after having found out it'd be, like, $16 with my employee discount. May 11th can't possibly get here soon enough.

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